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Why do dogs like smelly socks?


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Usually it's the owners sock. Dogs love their owner, they also recognize the smell of them on the socks!!

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The standard collective noun for 'socks' is a pair of socks.Collective nouns are an informal part of language. Any noun that suits the context of the situation can function as a collective noun, for example, a pair of smelly socks, a heap of smelly socks, a gym bag of smelly socks, etc.

Well of course they are!

not all dogs hate the smell of socks. my dog LOVES socks! but maybe some dogs didn't like the smell of the sock.

Socks become smelly because heat and moisture in shoes and socks promote the growth of fungi (such as athlete's foot) and other bacteria. The waste products of these microbes combine with sweat and can produce volatile, noxious odors.

boom boom smelly socksin the washing bincan u smell themhave a nice pimx10smelly socks x5u have smelly feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!put them in ur neighbours housegive them the blame

You should wash your feet or put socks on :)

Different dogs like different kinds of toy, but some dogs like any floppy toy they can pull on and shake. Plus your dirty socks smell like you--that probably makes them even better from the dog's point of view.

To them, it isn't a bad smell, its like perfume or colonge.

Lee will win!Lee is the bomb!Cystal is so smelly like socks!lol

Dogs chew your socks because they love the way it smells and tastes. You know this because dogs love mud and trash. Your socks must smell or your dog does not like the toys it has or it needs toys to chew on.

You can if you tend to have smelly feet, if you prefer the feel of them with socks, or if you plan to take them off and want socks on underneath, but you don't have to if you don't want to.

only my mom does because they smell out of this world

Dogs generally like the really smelly dog foods, the really strong ones.

Boys will have smelly feet if they do not wash their feet and if they sweat a lot wearing the same shoes everyday. Or if they wear dirty socks.

The Egyptians because they found proof of socks in their bedrooms. So the next time you look at your socks just know some smelly Egyptian probably had it!

He has smelly feet. He wears sneakers but no socks.

The Basenji has no doggy smell. They also clean themselves like cats.

You can measure anything in grams, but the numbers will be astronomically high. the like from pig In a shop and he bought some smelly socks

Dogs eat underwear and socks because they are hungry, they might be trying to say that they are hungry.

Eltsipe It was an ancient belief that writing about socks in a letter is a curse, and causes incredibly smelly feet.

Well they need to, but if they don't, that will make their feet smelly

some treats help dogs breath. Taking Baths are helpful!

Because they are hungry

not if u feed them right

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