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because they are different kinds of breed like humans they are white, black, Asian ect (not being rasist sorry if you think i am )

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How cats and dogs look different?

cats and dogs look different cause cats have long whiskers and dogs have short whiskers.

How do dogs look like they do?

They look different with your eyes closed. Try it!

How do dogs look?

Every dog looks different.

How are dogs different to each other?

They look and act differently

Can a maltipoo get pregnant from a labrador?

Yes, she can. Despite what dogs' breeds are and how different they look, all dogs are of the same species.

What do dogs look like and how long do dogs live?

Dogs are mammals that have four legs and a tail. The size and color of the dog change depending on the breed. Different breeds have different life spans.

What are the different types of poodle dogs?

standard, giant, bichon, A LOT! look it up on google. look for a list.

Why do dogs do a grin type look when they know they've done something wrong?

The facial expressions of dogs are different from those of humans. The look described in this question is one of guilt.

Why does a dog look like a dog?

Dogs look like dogs because they ARE dogs.

Should something act different if it looks different?

Not always. Some dogs look different, but that doesn't make them different. They don't always act different. Hope this helps!

Why are all dogs not the same?

Because God made different breeds of dogs to make it so there was more fun and choices with dogs! :D My understanding is that humans are responsible for most if not all the different breeds of dogs. People intentionally bred dogs to get the traits they wanted. If dogs were allowed to roam free and mate as they please, dogs would eventually all look very much alike.

What does a wofl look like?

They look like the dogs, huskies, but come in different colours and shapes. Wrong spelling, it's WOLF not WOFL.

Why do dogs all look alike?

Cause there dogs and they look the same. Next time look it up.

What is the length of a dogs tail?

It depends. Dogs' tails are different lenghts because dogs are different sides

What are good dogs to breed with chihuahuas?

Some really cute dogs to breed with chihuahuas are mini poodles. My friend and my aunt have one and they are really cute and can look different.

What do dogs look like when they have puppies?

They look like normal dogs but fat at the belly.

Do dogs look after their puppies?

yes dogs do look after their puppies. Sometimes they look after them until they are 10 weeks old.

Can different type dogs breed on dogs pack?

yes i have five different breeds of dogs and they pack together.

Do dogs have different blood types?

yes. dogs have different blood types?

What does a dog look like?

Dogs are very smart animals and love lots of attention. They are known as a "mans best friend" but they are also a good friend of women too. You can see pictures of dogs on www.google.com/images that works too. They can be hairy, small, big, short hair, no hair. All dogs can be different. Even some dogs look alike and are alot different on the inside. Although pictures maybe a better part to know what they look like. Hope you find what your looking for.

How come dogs hear different frequencies?

Dogs hear different frequencies because they are different breeds and different sizes.

Are dogs hairy?

of course dogs are hairy look at them.

What animals do the constellations look like?

All of the constellations look different. There are winged horses, foxes, birds, lions, bulls, rams, dogs, bears, etc...

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