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It is their way of communicating, i bet they think our way is strange to!

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Q: Why do dogs mate in a weird way?
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Why do horses mate weird?

Horses do not mate in any weird fashion. Simply, they mate as is physically possible. Each species has it's own way of physically copulating. Humans are able to do so in a variety of ways, but horses generally do not have that type of flexability. In short, a horse could ask, "Why do humans mate weird?" It's not weird, it's just different.

Why do male dogs rub on female dogs?

It's their way to show that they want to "Mate"

Can dogs and ducks mate?

No dogs and ducks can not mate.

Which months do dogs mate?

which month do dogs mate

What is weird about how angelfish mate?

Absolutely nothing is weird about how Angelfish mate. There are many fish species that mate in the same or a very similar manner.

Do owls mate with other animals?

NO! owls mate owls & dogs mate dogs!

Can a insect mate with a dog?

No. Only dogs can mate with dogs.

How do African wild dogs get a mate?

African Wild Dogs can usually find a female mate within the pack they are living in. If they cannot obtain a mate this way, they will look within other packs. Once they find a mate, they will stay with them for life.

Can a black snake mate with a rattlesnake?

no, they will just fight each other and if they mate the offspring will look weird like when a lion and tiger mate the offspring will be called liger. No they cannot mate. No "weird offspring" are possible. By the way, there is no such thing as a "black snake." Do you mean a king snake, perhaps, or a black racer?

Can cats mate with dogs?

Cats and dogs cannot mate with one another. Dogs only mate with dogs, and cats only mate with other cats.

How do pandas mate?

they mate like dogs

Can you mate with dogs?


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