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Why do dogs roll in dead animals?


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The current theory about why dogs will roll in smelly material comes from on their relationship to wolves and observation of wolf behavior. Wolves will often roll in decomposing carcasses or the feces of plant eating animals or herbivores. It is assumed that this masks their own scent and enables them to sneak up on their prey without detection. It may even fool members of the other species into accepting a wolf as one of their own. It is assumed that this instinct is what we are seeing in the behavior of domesticated dogs as well. Working and hunting dogs tend to roll in smelly stuff more often than other breeds and this is perhaps because they are more closely related to wolves.

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When dogs were in packs, and they needed to go out hunting, they rolled in animal feces to mask their scent. Today's domesticated dogs may do this by instinct.

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Dogs roll in many things they like the smell of to cover up their scent. The question is why would they want to do that? .One theory on rolling on stinky things is that this comes from their survival element from when they were not domesticated. Dogs use to have to hunt for food and there is a tactical advantage to not smelling like a predator. The prey don't know you're coming. Rolling in strong odors -- feces and even dead animals -- is thought to provide scent cover, to help predators land their lunch a little more easily." Dogs will roll in items such as: poop, dirt, worms, grass. Female dogs will usually do this more often than males.

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