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Why do dogs sit at your feet?


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To be near their owners.

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They do it so they can protect their master, however some just like the attention

Sit, also drag the stylus down the dogs body.

yes they can sit. donkeys can sit just like dogs its a thing what they do but yes they can sit

The ratio of dogs to dogs' feet is 1:4. You should know, however, that dogs technically don't have feet. They have paws.

Assuming the dogs have four feet and birds two, you need 15 dogs (60 feet) and 1 bird (2 feet) giving a total of 16 birds and dogs and 62 feet. None. Dogs have paws, not feet. Also, birds have claws, not feet.

No terrier dogs do not have webbed feet.

Yes they can but they don't jump on chairs and sit on chairs like humans do, it's possible but they usually sit on the ground. (dogs can sit on a dog chair like those dog beanbags.)

No .... dogs sit down to do their business but to wee they stand up and lift 1 leg off the ground!

dogs have 4 feet to balance their weight. dogs also need to run with 4 feet it would be possible with 3 feet but very difficult.

dogs have four feet for running fast and stability!

Who says girls can't pet sit for dogs? If anyone wants to pet sit for dogs they should be a dog lover first and should be dedecated to their work. It's simple right?

I have been wondering the same thing.

64 feet. 16 dogs * 4 feet each = 64. Unless one of the dogs is a tripod.

almost all dogs sit on their legs, so its not the breed itself, its the whole species, so if you ask that question, then you should ask why do DOGS in general sit on their legs?

same as you. they are tired of standing.

why do dogs like to lick peoples feet

yes they can sit anywhere! what a stupid question!

If you feed your dogs treats they sit to eat

They hold their food with their feet, climb with their feet, scratch themselves with their feet, sit on their feet. ??

no because usually dogs feet doesn't smell!!!!!

Your "dogs" are your feet.

Well dogs aren't idiots. Most of them act like it because they are spoiled or untrained. You have to teach them over and over agin until they remember. Like when you say 'sit' it doesnt just take the word to make them sit. You to have certain feet position and a certain voice tone and aslo other things.

they love to have contact with humans or other dogs they love companionship! :)

The majority of dog breeds do not have webbed feet. Only dogs breed for swimming, like the Newfoundland, have webbed feet.

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