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There is no reason they get mad, they just do. They will attack you when you blink at them. If you look at them through a transparent block or wear a pumpkin on your head they won't be provoked.

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Q: Why do endermen attack you if you look at them?
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What do Endermen do on Minecraft?

Endermen wonder around picking up blocks like Cobblestone or Dirt and Randomly place them as the wonder, Endermen will not attack you unless you attack them or look at them with your cursor. Endermen are able to teleport behind or away from the player that has attacked or looked at it

What do endermen look like?

The Endermen are jet black, blocky humanoid aliens on the game Minecraft. There are images of them at the related links below.

Do enderman kill you in minecraft creative mode?

No, mobs are not hostile in Creative mode unless provoked. Endermen will not attack if you look at them, but will attack if you hit them. However apart from digging through bedrock and falling into the abyss, the player is invulnerable in creative mode so a hostile Enderman can't do anything to you.

What do ender man do in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Endermen are neutral Mobs (i.e. they don't attack unless provoked). To provoke one all you have to do is look directly at one and move your crosshair even slightly. They will then teleport to you and keep attacking you. If you don't move your crosshair once you've looked at them, you can attack them without them attacking you.

Do enderman kill you on minecraft if you log off and log back on?

In Minecraft, Endermen are mostly neutral, on both creative and survival mode. But if you try to attack them, they will fight back.

What can attack you in vanilla Minecraft?

Spiders (only attack at night), Endermen (if you look at them and they will die when it rains), Skeletons(if you get too close and they burn up at daylight), Zombies (if you get too close, and they burn up at daylight), Creepers (if you get too close and they do the most damage of any mobs) and you can actually out run them all.Be aware though, Zombies and Skeletons will not die in daylight if they stand under trees, ledges, stand in water, etc.If you attack wolves they will attack you if I remember right or if you accidentally hit some one else's tame wolf it will attack you.

What do endermen eat?

cookies or chorus fruit

Is enderman real?

Endermen only exist in Minecraft. They are not real.

What will be in the 1.9 minecraft update?

there will also be a spell book, potions two types of endermen one is super strong and the other is like the one now but all endermen will have a 2 hit ko

How do you find an endermens base in Minecraft?

In vanilla minecraft there are no endermen bases.

What do endermen look like on Minecraft?

They look like very tall (three blocks tall) humanoids with black skin, thin limbs and purple eyes. Well basicly, they have a 1 block head and a 2 blocks tall legs.

How much experience do you get from killing Endermen in Minecraft?

You get 5 experience from killing Enderman.