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Q: Why do fairies live under beds?
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What kind of beds do fairies like?

"flower beds"

Do fairies live under mushrooms?

Fairies do not exist in real life, though they are somtimes depicted as living under mushrooms.

Legends on where vampires live?

under your beds x]

Do fairies live in Australia?

Fairies do live in Australia but most of the fairies live in Amercia. ALL fairies live in your mind.

Can fairies live inside?

yes fairies can live iside

Where do real fairies live?

Nowhere. Fairies do not exist.

What are woodland fairies?

probaly fairies that live in the woods

Do fairies live in flowers?

No, fairies don't exist.

When are fairies out for fairy houses?

Fairies live in trees.

Does fairies live in the meadow?

Pixies live in meadows, fairies (more properly) live in and around flowers.

How long do fairies live?

Fairies live for thousands of years unless fatally wounded.

What state do fairies live in?

Fairies are quite amizing creatures and live only on the planet pluto.

Does fairies live in houses?

yes fairies live in houses.they also like to eat or drink honey and milk.

Do fairies live in the desert?

No, fairies as well as unicorns are mythical characters and do not live in deserts or elsewhere except in our imagination.

What is best bunk beds or normal beds?

normal beds but it depends who you live with and what they tell you to do

Where do the fairies live?

Traditionaly, Fairies live anywhere.Fairies can live in your house, in your garden, in your pond , anywhere!But some fairies traditionly stay in fairyland because they are mistaken as misquitos and squished and killed sometimes but fairies are best friends elves but hatetrollsFaires houses are trees.faeries live in the woods and forest

Do fairies live in the clouds?

of course

Do fairies live in backyards?


Why doesn't pixie hollow have winter fairies?

they cant live in warm conditions and if the winter fairies come in they would freeze everything and the other fairies can not live in cold conditions

Why do crocodiles rest on sand beds?

crocodiles rest on sand beds to dry them selves out and bask under the sun, they dont live their whole life in the water like fish.

Do fairies live in Nevada?

Well, I do believe there are some drag shows in Vegas ... Fairies ... the magical kind ... are not real and do not live anywhere.

Why do beds have an underneath?

It depends on the bed, but most beds have springs under its mattresses.

Where do kind fairies live?

Fairies live in books, legends, and imagination ( Disneyland, of course). They are not real so they do not really exist or live in any real place.

How much do flitter fairies cost?

You can get flitter fairies quite cheap on amazon. They are £10 or under and they are really cool.

Where do fairies live in US?

Well fairies are fictional, but we have a huge group of people living in San Fransisco, that are drag Queens, otherwise sometimes called "fairies".