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It means 1 of them is coming it heat. Need a male! good luck.
your guinea pig is affirming it's dominance over the other, it is perfectly normal behaviour
2008-11-15 00:35:28
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Q: Why do female guinea pigs mount and rapidly thrust other female guinea pigs?
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Can male rabbits and female guinea pigs mate?

The rabbit might mount the guinea pig, but there won't be any babies. A rabbit will try and mate with a guinea pig no matter what sex.

Where is mount rabual?

mount rabual is in papua, new guinea

Where is mount Trikora?

Mount Trikora is in Papua New Guinea.

What season do guinea pigs breed?

Guinea pigs don't have a season, they have a cycle. This is called their estracy cycle. The time and duration of this cycle varies from each female guinea pig. At the peak of their cycle, they will be in heat. This feeling makes them want to mate. Females have also been known to mount on other female guinea pigs depending on how much their peak of their cycle affects them.

Was Mt.Mckinley a volcano?

No. Mount McKinley is a mount formed from a block of rock thrust up by a collision of tectonic plates.

Where is Mount Karkar?

Papua New Guinea

Who is the first female to reach mount Everest of India?

The first female to reach Mount Everest of India was Arunima Sinha.

Where is mount. bosavi?

Dear readers Mount Bosavi is a volcanic mountain in Northen Papua New Guinea!

What is the highest point in Papua New Guinea?

The highest point in Papua New Guinea is Mount Wilhelm, with a height of 4,510m.

Is it possible for male and female unneutered guinea pigs to live together but be separated on the days when she goes into estrus?

It's a very bad idea. The male will continually bother and harrass the female and even sometimes manage to mount and succeed, whether you THINK she's in estrus or not.

Why do Mount Everest keep growing?

Every year the Mount Everest grows taller by 4mm as a result of the upward thrust generated by two opposing tectonic plates.

Who was the first female to climb Mount Everest?

Junko Tabei was the first female to reach the summit of Mount Everest on the 16th May 1975.

Will a male dog still mount a female if not in heat?

Not typically. Sometimes dogs mount each other to assert dominance but you will notice that they will hump either side of the female and sometimes the female with mount the male. But as far as actual intercourse, you wont see a male trying to have sex with an unheated female.

What is the height of mount Wilhelm?

14739 ft tall and is in papa new guinea

Why does your male guinea pig mount the other male?

Probably to show dominance.

How do mount Everest get smaller?

Mount Everest is not getting smaller. Every year the mountain grows about 4mm as a result of the upward thrust generated by two opposing tectonic plates.

How can you get the female dog to let the male dog mount her?

The female dog would have to be in heat.

Why is your female rabbit trying to mount your male rabbit?

Usually, the female will mount the male if the male is put into her cage for mating instead of her being placed in his cage. Sometimes it is just that the female is particularly aggressive.

Is mount Everest growing or shrinking as compare to K2?

Every year the Mount Everest grows taller by 4mm as a result of the upward thrust generated by two opposing tectonic plates.

What is a female flyer?

A female flyer in cheerleading is the person at the top of a mount or usually called a pyramid.

Do female rabbits mount the male?

During copulation, the male rabbit mounts the female. Mounting behaviour, however, is not restricted to sexual behaviour: a female rabbit may mount another female or a male as an act of dominance (aggression, territoriality, social hierarchy, etc.).

What are the main cities in papua new guinea?

Lae, Mount Hagen, Arawa and Port Moresby

Which part of Papua New Guinea is cold?

The Highlands, i.e. places near Mount Hagen

Will a oolder guinea pig fight with a babie guinea pig?

Generally, older guinea pigs will not fight with a baby guinea pig. They will however try to mount it, chase it, nip at it and make rumbling sounds. Those are all normal behaviours that don't require that you separate your pigs.

Who was the first male and female to climb mount Everest?

The first male to reach the summit of Mount Everest was Edmund Hillary on the 29th May 1953. The first female to reach the summit of Mount Everest was Junko Tabei on the 16th May 1975.