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Maybe that guy likes you, and they know about it and are just snickering. Or maybe they just like you.

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you can make friendship with guy teacher or on way u can make friendship with any guy

Try to make friends with him or make friends with his friends and the best way is to look fabulous so all they can look at is you

Get your friends to tell his friends to bug him about it. Him vein a guy will be like competitive and kiss you. But you need to of your close. Guy and girl friends to be there and keep saying kiss kiss!

So this is what you do if u flirt with a extremly shy guy u just pass by and flip your hair around and when u pass by u have to laugh with your friends for he can see you and that's what u do when u flirt with a extremly shy guy.

It means the guy is flirting with you, or y'all are just really good friends. Many guys would do this to a girl to to mess with them.

Well I would suggest talking to him more and make friends with him. 95% of the time a girl and a guy are friends, they will end up going out.

probably but make sure you dont laugh with him so you dont loose your friends

Just being friends. 12 is too young to "make a move" on a guy.

you cant really make a guy intersted in you...if you like the same things as him then make sure you talk to him bout that stuff.. but you cant really make a guy like you.. your safest bet is to just be good friends with him!!!

just be yourself and try to become friends with him.

enough to make you pass out so a guy can rape you

A guy is into you if he will talk to you or look at you. If you are friends with him then he might laugh at your jokes or make fun of you ! ! ! that is usually a sure sign !

the same way you make friends with girls.

talk to your friends and make a one week plan about it.

as friends just be yourself as more then that well you can't its her choice to be guy there is nothing you can do.

That should not bother you. If you like him, who cares? If your friends make fun of you, then they are not your friends.

If a guy just wants to be friends, he will avoid talks that may sound intimate. He will also avoid doing things that may make you want to be intimate with him.

Yes, a girl can be just friends with a guy. There are lots of girls who friends are guys.

You can hang out with some of your best friends boyfriends, That can be 1 way to get more guy friends

Just be your self. Making friends with a girl is no different than making friends with a guy. Just be kind to her and act as you were making friends with a guy. Also Complement her on how she look some times if you dont want to go out with them.

If he looks back after when he no longer needs to is the key.