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Why do girls bite there lip?

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Anger, frustration, lust , .....nice teeth .....depends on the situation.

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Do guys bite girls lip?

Yes they do

Why do girls bite there lip when you pass by?

Well it means they want you.

How do you know a girl wants to kiss?

Girls will give a sweet look, and maybe bite her lip. Some girls are unpredictable.

Why do people bite their lip or tongue?

They bite there lip when there horny there tongue by actadent

Why do boys bite their lip?

Everybody bites their lip.

If your sleep can you bite your lip?

You can bite your lip in your sleep though the chance is slim. Unless you are dreaming about something that can make you nervous thus you bite your lip. You will most likely never have that happen.

What causes you to bite your lip?

well, sometimes your nervous so you will bite your lip. Sometimes something will hurt and you will bite. There's a lot of different reasons!

What does it mean when a guy says he'll bite your lip like does he mean when you are kissing?

It means he will attempt to bite your lip .... I assume.

How do you know if your girlfriend likes another guy?

sometimes girls stare at other guys and don't listen to you when you talk they will bite their lip

What are angel bite piercing?

two upper lip piercings. (one on each side of the lip.)

Example of idiosyncrasy?

Her tendency to bite her lip is an idiosyncrasy.

Snake bite piercings?

Snakebites are when you have two lip piercings, one either side on the bottom of your lip.

What does it mean when your top lip goes numb?

you bite on it to hard

What is an indie kiss?

an indie kiss is when you kiss then bite her lip:)

Turn ons for guys?

they love it when you bite your lip around them

What is it when you have three lip piercings on one side?

angel bite

Is it possible to get an ant bite in your lip?

Yes, and inside your mouth.

Do guys like it when they bite your lip?

yeah,it arouses us

What causes a white bump on the inside of the bottom lip?

You're probably chewing your lip, or you accidently bite that area.

What does snake bites picercies mean?

well snake bite percings are two little holes on both bottom corners of your lip. Its called snake bite because it looks like a snake bite your lip. i hope that was good enough for you :).

Are there any tricks to make you stop chewing on your lip?

yea there is just when you want 2 bite your lip just take a few deep breaths and bite the middle of your finger trust me it helps

Can you get a bug bite on your lip?

You can get a bug bite any were. It's up to the bug to choose were it wants to bite you, and it's up to you to stand idly bye and let the bug bite you.

Why do you bite your tongue and bottom lip when you eat your food sometime?

its an accident

What song has the lyrics with bite your lip and close your eyes in it?

That would be "Longview".

Why women bite men's lips after lip kissing?

They're hungry.