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Why Girls Cheat On Their Boyfriends:
  • Girls cheat on their boyfriends for many reasons: not getting the attention they need, sex in the relationship does not satisfy them and to get even with the boy. If you think your girlfriend might cheat because you are not treating her the way she wants and needs to be treated, stop what you are doing wrong and do the opposite: send her flowers, buy her a small gift that she will really like, etc.
  • Girls cheat because they do not have high morals. It is not your fault. Girls who cheat are self-centered and can not care for anyone except themselves. Leave her and if you have children, take them with you.
  • If the girl is not being treated well or their sexual relationship is not good then there is that good old word 'COMMUNICATION' and she has the free will to confront her boyfriend with the problems she feels they have and leave without hurting him by cheating. However, the reason some girls cheat may be because they see their relationship coming to an end naturally and are trying to soften the blow for themselves. This is more likely to occur in a relationship that is around 2-3 years, rather that couples that are married with children.
  • For the same reasons why boys cheat on their girlfriends. If you are wired to cheat, you eventually will. It is just a matter of time and right circumstances. If you are a pretty intuitive person, then you can judge if a person will cheat or not. Things like, weak will power, lying or doing behind someone's back especially if caught can be disastrous are the signs, which indicate whether a person will cheat or not. Just my opinion, ofcourse, take it with a pinch of salt

    She obviously thinks you suck as a man so let her live her life and be happy! If you love her and you 2 were meant foreach other then shewill come back.

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Q: Why do girls cheat on their boyfriends?
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Not all girls cheat on their boyfriends.

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