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Because when you get "jump" it just kind of get wet down there and if your a teen going through a life stage. like if you saw A or THE video while teenager you would get wet or if you were active with another person.

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Do girls get wet when they laugh?

No, they get wet when sexually aroused.

If boys get boners what do girls get?

They get wet

Does all boys have wet dreams?

because boys and girls are different the boys they have a wet and the girls they have sweet dream

Girls in wet diapers?


Do girls wet their pants?

Yes, they do.

Does girls and boys have wet dreams?

No Girls Cannot, Boys Do Though.

What are guys wet dreams?

Usually boys wet dreams are about girls. It happens when they have puberty

What do you mean by girls getting wet?

the term "Girls getting wet" means that its a part of the sexual intercourse wherein the girl literaly gets wet to cum shots... don't need to explain further you know the rest

The meaning of girls creaming?

Making them wet and orgasm.

Do girls get wet when flirting?

Only if they are in the swimming pool.

Who wet the bed more girls or boys?


Girls have their period what do boys have?

they have wet when they wake up their underwear is wet..look it up

Can you wet journey girls eyes?

yes you can wet their eyes but if you wet their eyelashes they might come off i dont know my friends told me that they would

How do you make girls wet?

Through a bucket of water over her

Do girls wet the bed more than boys?


What are the uses of study in economics?

It gets girls tremendously wet.

What clothes did the Victorian girls wear on Christmas?

wet with sperm

Can girls feel themselves getting wet?

of course yes!the fluid comes from within them to make way for the penis.therefore,girls do feel it when they are wetting themselves.infact also the panty may get wet if it is on.

Will a girl get wet when she gets a deep kiss for her lips for long time by her lover?

Yes. that is normal. 90 percent of girls get wet by deep kiss only. because girls are sensitive. :)

Do girls have wet dreams?

Ella says No (but she might just be shy) well boys do so i guess girls do 2 Yes, but unlike boys, there won't be a large amount of liquid. Their vagina's get wet, but probably not enough to wet the sheets and blankets.

What happens in a wet t-shirt contest?

The girls get there t-shirts wet which means that they are then see through xx

What does it mean when your always wet?

its when girls vagina relises discharge and it becomes wet ... your up up sex (all the time )

Do girls discharge in their pants if they are horny?

Girls have vaginal secretion when they are aroused. When the sexual stimuli is intense, they can wet their panties.

Will a girl get wet when she's being pressed again her vagina by her lover?

well depends on the girl. and i am just going to be breif, some girls are really hard to get wet and wont get wet by things like that, however some get wet really easy. EXAMPLE: girl who gets wet easy will get wet by makeing out, PRESSING AGAINST, butt grabbing i mean the list goes on, however girls who dont get wet really easy can only get wet by getting "ate out" or "fingered" it just depends.

Are girls always wet?

no really unless they want have sex or if there horny