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Why do girls have an attitude problem?

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January 04, 2012 12:27AM

Why Girls Have Attitude Problems

Girls can have attitude problems for a variety of reasons, including:
  • The girl may be having a bad day or be on their period, or maybe they just don't like you at all and want you to leave them alone.
  • She could also could be bipolar.


Who says girls, as a whole, have an attitude problem? Maybe it is perception. they have just turned out to be filthy pigs today. you cannot even have a conversation with them, because they are very nasty and they will walk away from you. this has happened many of times to me. then again, i know other men just like me that this has happened too. there are many women out there now that are lesbians and hate men, which kind of explains it. now good straight men like us will have a problem meeting good women now as you can see why. more than half of the women out there now are very dysfunctional to begin with, which is not saying much.