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The thought that girls like guys with a long penis is generally wrong. To most girls, penis size makes little to no difference. As a guy you can imagine your penis size to be about as important to a girl, as the girl's breast size is to you. Do you actually care whether a girl has a big chest or not? Most guys don't. So why should girls care whether you have a big penis or not?

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No no no no no no no why did u ask this question anyway????? I don't like a gaint penis

Hmm it depends from guy to guy, but ya I beleve guys would prefer girls with long hair~

Anything, as long as they get to talk to the girl they like. :]

guys want girls to touch them anywhere that the girl can touch as long as it gives guys a boner.....guys just like being touched by a girl

some may like it but if they do there not looking for a lasting long relationship but some guys like to chase the girl

Yeah as long as they aren't offensive

yes, as long as it looks good

Most guys are wierd and like girls who wear Heels. Some guys like girl who normally wear sneakers, but most guys like the girls in heels... As long as theyre pretty heels and not Lady GaGa Style type shoes... Haha

Any kind,as long as it's long,shiny and soft!

guys are different when it comes to women some guys like girls with long or medium hair either blond or brown or what ever color it just depends on the guy

Emo guys are guys. They might have a different style, but they like girls like everyone else. Emo guys like every type of girl as long as they are attractive. As long as they're a guy, they will always be into a good looking chick. Just look pretty, smell nice, and flattery is the key to anyone's heart.

Long, thick and long lasting.

Any movie as long as he gets to make out with her

hell yeah we do, as long as it is loong enough to plait...

Normally not. Preppy girls are classic and elegant; whereas "rocker type guys" are punk style, funky and outstanding.

Because uncut penis lasts long in bed and gives more sexual pleasure. It is slighly larger also.

I reckon they all have different preferences. If all guys liked one type, then wouldn't all the taken girls look the same?

Some girls will go out with a jerk, just as long as he is hot. Other girls like romantic guys, and don't care what they look like. It depends on the girl.

Guys like clothes than are bright and beautful such as a long dress and the colour should be red for love pink for friendship and yell from closeness

Girls - Take long to get ready . Girls - Smell Good . Girls - Jealous Alot . Guys - Cheat All The Time . Guys - Are All Dumb Guys - Stink .

No but after most guys do it are penis head get to senstive to do it and more

It doesn't matter where your from. As long as you don't talk like Honey Boo Boo. Then you're screwed.

They love penise. They like them long, thick and hard because they feel so wonderful in their vaginas. some girls like penises but most of them don't like the way that a penis looks like.

I'm a guy and I like it when girls stare at me, because it makes me feel like girls like me, guys don't really think its creepy, try smiling when your staring. Guys really like it when you do that. If you stare without smiling for to long, the guy might think its a little odd, but if you smile then he'll like it. Unlike girls guys don't dislike it when a girl stares at them.

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