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Because girls think they look sexy and when they bend over some times guys look at girls butts and if the thong was there guys might see it and guys live for that stuff!

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Do guys like when girls wear thongs?

No they don't like it. They think is nasty and dirty.

Do teenage girls wear thongs in Brazil?

Most teenage girls wear thongs, no matter if they're Brazilian or not! =D

What age should girls start wearing thongs?

I think girls should start wearing thongs when they are 13 or older

Do women really like to wear thongs?

I don't.... I don't know about other girls

How many girls wear gstrings?

I only wear thongs or G-strings and all girls I know only wear thongs or G-strings. I prefer G-strings but wear thongs sometimes.

Who wears thongs?

hot girls well both male and female wear thongs ---- sexy hotties!

Is it ok for a 14 year old boy to wear thongs?

it is fine for a14 year old boy to wear girls thongs i wear girls thongs and im not gay i just like how they feel i see why girls like wear them very nice to wear they don't ride up you don't know your even wearing one so in my opinion its fine as long as you don't over do it like wear bras and dresses if your doing that its not okay and belive it or not some girls find that hot

Why do girls were thongs?

To prevent wearing pany liners

Is it right for girls to wear thongs?

its your choice if you want to

At what age should girls start wearing thongs?

I think girls should start wearing thongs when ever they want, even if it's at age 8 or 18.

Does it feel good when you wear thongs?

Girls were thongs because they feel good ,and because the is no under ware lines.Theyalso make girls feel more comfortable to bend down

Do young girls wear thongs?

Yes it depends if their parents let them or not. Thongs are just used to not show pantie lines.

What does a girl look better in thongs or boy shorts?

It depends on who you ask i think girls look better in thongs but that is an opinion

Why do girls wear Thongs and g strings?

Thongs, which can be confused with kitchen tongs. You don't want to use tongs for underwear.

If you like to wear thongs are you gay?

No, especially not if you're a girl and you like to wear thongs, lol.

Why do some men like wearing thongs?

Thongs are insanely comforatable

How does smoking charm the thongs?

You can charm my thongs any time you like.

Do girls have to wear thongs under yoga pants?

some girls wear them but some dont.

What do girls like better thongs or nothing?

I would probably say thongs because if you had nothing, that's literally nothing. We might not even be alive because when you mean nothing you mean no world, no people, NOTHING.

When moms catch their son wearing girls thongs?

I think they wont care. My dad sometimes wears my moms thongs and we don't care.

How do girls like wearing thongs?

we wear them because guys like them and we dont have panty lines :) plus it makes us feel sexy and kinda horney!!

Why did somone event thongs?

so girls can get there whole body taned

Do middle school girls wear thongs?

Some will, others won't.

Should girls wear thongs?

...Only if it fits correctly, and is not shown.

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