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Q: Why do grapefruits float?
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Can grapefruits grow on vines?

Grapefruits grow on trees not on vines.

Do grapefruits come from trees?

yes grapefruits come from trees.

How many slices are in grapefruits?

Grapefruits usually have twelve segments.

What do grapefruits and lemons have in common?

Grapefruits and lemons are both citrus fruits.

Are grapefruits better than oranges?

Yes grapefruits are better than oranges

Where are grapefruits from?


Do grapefruits have babies?

no, are you high?

Do grapefruits contain THC?


Do red grapefruit have seeds?

All grapefruits (red or white) have seeds unless they are sold as seedless grapefruits. Even seedless grapefruits will usually still have some small pits in them.

What is an acid from grapefruits and oranges?


Ovaries are about the size of small grapefruits?

No they are not

What is grapefruits pH?


Who was the Ancient Greeks biggest enemy?


Which country exports the most grapefruits?

you can fart on them

What does acid have in it?

batteries, lemons, grapefruits (ect.)

Are grapefruits salty?

No, they have a bitter tang. But not salty.

Where do pummelo trees come from?

They are Chinese Grapefruits

What vitamins and minerals are in grapefruits?

vitamin c

Are oranges the same as grapefruit?

Oranges are orange and grapefruits are a lighter color. Grapefruits have a more sour taste, while the orange has a fruitier taste.

Are grapefruits considered acidic?

yes, grapefruits are considered acidic because they are part of the citrus group which contains citric acid so yes

How do you prune a grapefruit tree?

Start by killing as many families as there are grapefruits. Then you use the corpss, and wrap them around the grapefruits and squeez all the juices out.

Why do grapefruits grow on an orange tree?

because grapefruits are actually hibrids from an orange tree so the orange could also get polinated from a grapefruit tree

What is Madagascar's yearly wages?

titties like grapefruits

Are grapefruits fruit?

Yes, otherwise they'd be grapevegtables, ;-)

What type of fruit contains the most water?