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Why do guinea pigs lick your fingers and does it mean they are happy?


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We use to rise them they do that to get the salt from your skin Well, I wouldn't say it means they are happy, it definitely means they are not scared. They wouldn't do that if they were at all uneasy, so it's a good thing! They also groom each other, so in addition to getting salt from your skin, they may just be grooming you or kissing you! They also lightly nibble sometimes. It means they have grown to like you


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It means the guinea pig feels happy.

Do you mean you got to lick it before you stick it? If so......... The person that sings that song is 20 Fingers

they want you to lick their vagina. they are symbolizing their fingers as their legs, and their tongue as your tongue.

My piggy went through the same thing, he needs a salt lick, they sell them at every pet store. We have salt on our hands and body from sweating and guinea pigs thinks it tastes good, they love salt and your guinea pig will be very happy once he receives his salt lick!Guinea pigs don't need salt licks. It could be that your pet is being affectionate (that's what I like to think when mine does that!).It's true, they don't need salt licks. Mine has one and he likes it, but he still licks our fingers. It could just be him being affectionate, or liking the taste of salt on your fingers, or it could mean he needs putting back to go to the toilet or something. If you're holding him while you're stood up, it might mean he wants to get down, as guinea pigs don't like being held high.

it means he or she is happy and she likes it

It is known as pop-corning and Guinea Pigs do it when they are very happy or excited.

it usually means your guinea pig enjoys the feeling and is happy.

ok when you lick a lollipop you well like it if it is your first time unless you mean it the other way!!!!! When you lick a lolliop, it will make you very happy. Lolliopos taste nice.

He starts pop-corning pop-corning mean that if a guinea pig is happy he will do little jumps in the air which will be named pop-corning

Wen a guinea pig purrs it usaully means that the guinea pig is happy and content and if your petting it it likes how you are petting it.

if its a long purr, it means they are happy to get petted

the crunching noise simply mean that the guinea pig (pigs) are happy and enjoying whatever they ar doing

Well,when your guinea pig jumps it means that it is happy and full of energy.Its called 'pop-corning'.

It's called popcorning, it means they are happy.

When a guinea pig purrs it means it is happy and guinea pig used to purr every time I picked her up and snuggled into her ears....

This means they are scared or are not happy with is going on at the moment. My guinea pigs chatter their teeth when they get hurt of do not want to be held.

Usually that means that it's happy. My cat does that when he's happy. Also he will lick my hand and rub his head against me.

it mean that he or she is happy with its owner... (different person than from up there) it could also mean the guinea pig is afraid because my guinea pig does that when he hears a high pitched noise like when i play the harmonica

Means they are happy the louder they are the happier the guinea pig is they also squeak if your about to feed them nd they know food is coming

It means they are happy. They are "popcorning" and it means that they are excited/happy. If they are popcorning, you are doing a good job of taking care of them and keeping them happy.

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