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Q: Why do gummy bears absorb baking soda?
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Does soda makes gummy bears bigger?

They will absorb water and swell.

Does baking soda control moisture in the home?

yes. baking soda will absorb moisture

How do you get milk out of my car seats?

Put baking soda where the milk spilled and in a day the baking soda will absorb the milk

Why use baking soda and baking powder for sweat?

Because it has the ability to absorb odors.

What happens if you put gummy bears in sierra mist soda?

The same thing would happen if you left them in any liquid. They would absorb some of the liquid and swell. They are a gelatin base.

Will a vinegar and baking soda volcano blow out gummy bears?

yes. but if your house burns down while doing this, we did not tell you anything. And also, instead of calling 911 call the social services. They will be sure to help your donkey learn how to speak finish.

How can you remove musty odors from pictures?

Put them in a box with a dish of baking soda. The baking soda should absorb the musty smell. But contact with the actual baking soda may damage the photos. Also you might just consider letting them sit out for a month or so.

Does a type of soda make a gummy bears bigger?

well it doesn't matter all you have to do is just put one gummy bear in tap water and another gummy bear in salt water and leave it out until they grow bigger but don't eat them because all the bacteria will be in the gummy bears

Are baking soda and eating soda same?

Baking soda and eating soda are not the same. Baking soda is an ingredient that is found in baking recipes.

Is baking soda hydrophobic?

No, it is hydrophylic and absorbs water; it is sometimes used to absorb moisture in sealed storage containers

Is baking soda magnetic?

is baking soda magnetic

What is the difference between cooking soda and baking soda?

There isn't one. Bread Soda is the Irish name for baking soda.