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They don't. I think guys are just more forward with things like that. Girls should realize that rejection is just a part of life and you only live once, if you see something or someone you want, Go For It. answer!! i think it beause its like subconsciosly traditional, if you get what i eman, because its tradition for men to ask women to marry them, but its usually a mutal agreement

2011-02-08 02:07:00
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Why do boys always approach really thin girls and never the bigger ones?

Not to be harsh, but fat to guys is extremly unatractive... And are a BIG turn off, so they go to skinny girls, because skinny is attractive.

Why don't girls approach guys?

I'm a teenage girl and the best reason is that girls like to be chased. We think that guys should be the ones to ask a girl on a date, talk and joke with them and stuff like that especially if we don't know you that well. If we like you but don't really know you that well, we are not going to be the ones to talk to you and approach you first because it might make us seem obsessive, clingy or non-mysterious. It is really confusing, actually. I feel bad for you boys, but my advice to you is to just keep being the initiator or the chaser. Accept that girls are not always going to be the ones to approach you...just approach them. It makes you look confident, persistent, and like you really enjoy talking to them.

Are there flavoured condoms of girls?

there are ones for guys so why not!

Why is there more girls on earth?

because girls are the ones that produce, and with out them there wouldn't be guys.

What type of girls to fat guys like?

Dumb ones

Do guys like to touch girls vaginas?

Heterosexual ones do.

What is the difference between straight guys and guys who like girls?

None, guys who like girls are straight guys, gay guys are the ones who like guys.

Why do guys call girls fat?

Only the crude ones do to be hurtful.

Can guys wear girls jeans?

Im sure they can! No ones saying you cant. Girls were guy clothes. guys would just have to find the size and style they like in the girls section.

Why do girls stick with coolpopular guys instead of unpopular ones?

because that's what they do, stick to the ones who have power. At least the shallow ones.

Do brown guys prefer paler girls to darker ones?

white obviously

What props were used in Greek plays?

just a mask and there toga's long ones for the guys andshort ones for the girls

Do Hispanic girls like black guys?

Totally a person preference. I'm sure you can find Hispanic girls that are super attracted to black guys and ones that aren't.

Guys why do you always talk to the outgoing girls even if they are way uglier than the shy pretty ones?

Some guys just like to flirt. So if he's talking to a outgoing girl, he is going to flirt with her because it is easier. Guys will talk to almost any girl, they just tend to talk to the more outgoing ones.

Are butterflies guys and girls?

yes they are like ducks the most colorful ones are dudes and the plain ones are usually women.

Do guys act like jerks around girls they have a crush on?

Younger ones do sometimes

Will guys ever realize that the pretty and nice girls are the ones they should be going after but nope they are going after the hot mean ones will they ever realize that they need the nice ones?

You're assuming that there are only shallow guys out there, which is simply wrong. Just as there are different kinds of girls, there are different kinds of guys, but you can't expect most of the nice guys to come and ask you out as they tend to be shy too.

Why do nice guys always finish last?

This is typically only during the high school years. During high school, girls are immature, and find the insatiable need to look "cool" in front of everybody. In my experience, it is very rare that high school girls don't follow this stereotype. Therefore, since nice guys are typically the ones that aren't really noticed much by the majority of the female population, they get overlooked. But the ones that DO overlook the nice guys are the ones that the nice guys don't want to date anyway. The type of girl that nice guys want to date is the one that gives them a chance.

What do guys talk about with each other?

We mostly talk about sexy girls and ones with those unforgetable curves. (Guys you know what im talking about especially if your black)(music girls guns girls cars girls dirtbikes and last but not least GIRLS)hope this helps

Do girls have more affect on guys or the other way around?

def girls...thinks about it this way. the guys do nothing yet the girls make a difference and really define the relationship, they are the ones who prophesize how it's gonna go.

Why do girls have hair by there private parts?

It's called pubic hair and girls aren't the only ones who have pubic hair, so do guys

What clothes do girls like on guys collegelearner dot com?

the ones at UCF shirts

What kind of boys are girls interested in?

Well every girl is different. Some like funny and outgoing, some like quiet and sensitive. But what girls don't like is a guy who makes sexist remarks, disgusting guys, ones who think disgusting things are funny and ones who stare at another girl when they are out with you. And also, always be honest. Typically, girls are interested in guys who you describe as a jerk like Dane Cook had discussed in his philosophy. They like guys that will treat them like trash and will usually tolerate it.

Why do guys develop a fatal attraction to certain girls but hate other just as attractive ones?

Maybe the attraction is more to their personality? but some guys just click with certain girls, whether or not they has the "Perfect/pretty" qualities that other girls have.

Why do girls think guys look hot when they have a tan?

Because generally guys with a good tan are the ones that do outdoor stuff like surfing or skateboarding, and girls find surfers and skateboarders really hot.