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Guys like girls, the shape of the bodies and softness of there lips. All things about them really. But guys do not like the shape of other guys. They dont get anything out of a guy and girl making out because the guy and girl still has a guy in the equation and a girl cant make out with herself. so therefore guys like it when the thing they like to see makes out with the other thing he likes to see.

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Do girls put condoms on boys or do boys put condoms on girls?

Girls can put condoms on guys, and guys can put condoms on girls. Their are two types of condoms, female and male but only one of you has to wear one. usally the males put on the condom.

What is the difference between straight guys and guys who like girls?

None, guys who like girls are straight guys, gay guys are the ones who like guys.

You watched a programme called skins the other night and it had two girls kissing it really turned you on and you dont know if im bisexual or gay?

if youre a guy, that's perfectly straight. if youre a girl, idk. ask yourself- are you attracted to only guys?are you not attracted to girls?if you said yes, youre straughtif you said no, youre gay are you attracted to guys?are you attracted to girls?if you like guys and girls, you are bi

What is more common boys or girls to get color-blind?

guys. because guys only have one X chromosome and girls have two. :)

What was Abe's two favorite subjects?

monsters and girls and guys

What is gay kissing?

well it means two guys kissing or two girls kissing......

Can two girls have a baby on the sims bustin out for PS2?

no only male and female can have a baby ''have male get a job''. girls are easier to raise.

Do girls like 2 guys during sex at once?

It depends on the person. Some people, guys and girls, like to have two girls and one guy, while others enjoy two guys and one girl, but to be safe, it would be wise to ask the girl if they wouldn't mind sharing their body like that. (I personally like either two guys and me, or me, a girl, and a guy, I am female)

What is a three sum?

A three sum is three people having sex with each other. it could be two girls and one guy or two guys and one girl . or three guys or three girls.

What are the ratings and certificates for Two Guys Talkin' About Girls - 1996 V?

Two Guys Talkin' About Girls - 1996 V is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M Iceland:12 USA:R

What do guys like to see on girls?

well, there are two types of guys. Guys who only cares about on the outside, their beauty, their body, their style, and their face. And there are some guys who likes girls for who they are, like their personality, their attitude, and their dreams. You should be yourself and don't worry about what guys think of you.

Who are the two male leads in guys and dolls?

Nathan Detroit and Sky Masterson

What do guys think makes girls hot?

when two girls that are well tanned with big chests start to kiss

Would some Asian girls like lazy white guys?

Yea some Asian girls will like lazy white guys it is all what clicks between the two

Why do older guys have feelings for younger girls?

Two reasons:one is because their cute and two is because they can use them

What are the release dates for Movie Stars - 1999 Two Guys Two Girls and a Guest House 2-8?

Movie Stars - 1999 Two Guys Two Girls and a Guest House 2-8 was released on: USA: 28 May 2000

Why Girls flirt with girls?

There is more than one to that question. Some girls are lesbians or bisexuals & flirt with girls because they like the girl they are flirting with or just for fun. Some girls, though, flirt with other girls to attract guys. They want guys to see them while they flirt with girls so that the guys will think it's hot. Most guys find two girls flirting (or more) to be a turn-on & because of this, some girls see this as a way to get the guys to like them, not realizing that their behavior is attracting the wrong kind of guy while smultaneously making themselves look bad.

What is the theme for stolen children by Peg Kehret?

two guys steal two girls but what they don't know is that the teen named Amy is leaving clues for there family to fallow,the two guys want to steal them because they want money from the little girls family

Do guys like watching two girls make out?

they dont like it because they will think the girls are bisexuals and will not want to love them

When two individuals reproduce what are the chances of having a male offspring?

its a 50/50 since the girls chromosomes are xx and the guys chromosomes are xy the pairs which can be created are xx,xx,xy,xy for the offspring to become a male its a 2/4 chance which is 50% :)

How come it's gay when two guys kiss but not when girls do it?

It's not that it's gay. Girls are a lot more comfortable with their sexuality then guys are. Two boys can kiss and not be gay just like girls can, but because guys can't do that without being insluted or having their sexuality questioned it is labeled gay. When girls kiss, it's labeled hott. Just all how society works.

Are ladybugs all girls?

There are two sexes of Ladybugs, male and female.

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