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Because some guys see girls as sexual toys and seeing girls make out with each other and doing things that guys like done to them, excites them more.

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Do Nice Guys Like Nice Girls?

Yes, because nice guys like nice girls... they are both nice that's why they like each other.

What do guys and girls like best about each other?

Attraction of hole to the pole....

What does Albanian guys like about girls?

The same things any other guys like about girls.

Do guys like it when girls flirt?

Yes, guys like girls who have a slice of "naughtiness". In fact, most guys like it when girls go further than flirting and try to turn them on. This includes saying things of a sexual nature. Methods of turning guys on verbally include sexting (texting sexually explicit messages) as well as asking each other questions about what they would do with each other.

Do girls like puking on each other?

Not at all, unless they have emetophilia (which means that vomit makes them sexually aroused - vomit fetish). But no, most girls do NOT like puking on each other; just like most guys don't like puking on each other.

Why do girls and guys touch weird places?

I think because they like each other or they are sexic

Do girls like to watch guys play with each other like guys like to watch girls?

Well, it is sometimes better to play with the guys as much as girls especially if you are tomboy. Then it is better because you get to spend more time with the guy. If you like a guy but do not like sports then you should try FLIRTING!

Why do some guys like other guys?

For the same reasons that most guys like girls.

Do white guys like Mexican girls?

Of course white guys like Mexican girls. I am a Mexican girl and I know white guys or any other guy like Mexican girls like me. Any race can like another race even if they are not alike. All that matters is that the people love each other, their race doesn't matter at all.

Why don't white guys like black girls?

Who said they don't. There are plenty of white guys that go for black girls just look for the right guy and you'll find each other! like me

Why do girls dress like guys to make other girls like them?

Its an attraction thing. If girls look like guys, then the other girl may be more attracted sexually to the first girl.

Do guys like girls with ADHD?

Yes guys do like girls with ADHD because they will be more active than other girls and you might get a surprise

Why don't guys like girls with glasses?

Different guys like different things. Some guys may not like girls with glasses, while other guys find it very attractive.

Do guys like thick or thin girls?

Some guys like thick girls. Some guys like thin girls. Some guys like guys.

Do guys like girls who play the guitar?

Yeah, I like girls who can play guitar, so I'm assuming that other guys like it too.

Do girls like guys who have a girl booty?

some girls think it's sexy but on the other hand some girls don't like guys with a woman's figure.

Why can't guys and girls just admit that they like each other?

They are scared and people might just plain embaress them.

What things do guys like in girls?

Most/many guys like the girls appearance (it's true, don't deny it boys!).Others like attitude/personality.Or maybe all of those listed. Other guys like girls who have the same interests/hobbies as they do. Guys like girls for many reasons and it just depends on the guy.

Why are some girls bi?

Because some girls get 'turned on' by other girls and guys, just like straight girls get 'turned on' by guys. Some girls just like the way girls make them feel, & understand them better.

What girls like about emo guys?

Most girls like emo guys because they are different. They arent like other guys. Their attitude and their personality isn't like others. Its just something about them that drives me crazy lol.

Do girls like sensitve guys?

Girls do like sensitive guys sometimes, but it always depends. It's an awesome thing when guys are sensitive, btu it's also cool when they are a little tough. Girls look for a guy who can "protect them" I guess. It's attractive when the guy is strong emotionally and physically, but that's not all that matters. Most girls prefer a guy who has feelings and is sensitive, because girls are often like that, and it's much easier to understand each other when you're both sensitive. So the answer is, some girls like sensitive guys, and some girls prefer tough guys.

Why do girls like each other?

Girls like each other due to their mutual feelings. They have the same likes and dislikes.

Do girls like guys or just cars and money?

Some girls are awesome, and like guys for who they are, some girls like guys cause they're hot, and some jerky girls like guys for their money and their cars.

Do guys like girls with tight shirts?

Some guys like girls with tight shirts; some guys like girls with baggy shirts; some guys like girls with large chests; some guys like girls with small chests; some guys don't like girls at all. You see, it's all a matter of personal taste and preference.

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