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Why do guys wear shorts under their pants?


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April 18, 2013 5:01AM

Why do we sag our pants and wear shorts under? Our reason is security. This helps combat random hard-on effects. Also, If someone pulled a prank, you had another layer on top of your underwear.

Many moons ago, the male did not wear any underclothes, because the male does not need to concern himself with any unexpected bodily discharges. The female wears undergarments to prevent the appearance of stains as the female body can have a discharge on occasion.

As time went by and fashion became a big business, there were companies who marketed undergarments for men. Soon females began to think that a man without undergarments was dirty and so the males began to unnecessarily wear these garments.

In another 50 years or so you will observe potentially that males will begin to wear a brassiere - because the female expectation is that the male will need a brassiere to prevent his nipples being visible.

Men should not heed these expectations. Men should wear whatever they want. Undergarments are unnecessary for males. Unnecessary clothing has to be washed and this adds more pollution to the environment. Minimize - the way to save the environment.

Any man wearing shorts underneath their pants must be doofuses.Either wear shorts or pants on the outside,not both.Unless for some reason you have 2 activities u need a quick change to and too lazy to go to the washroom to change