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Because everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah, thus everyone must do the same route during Hajj. That is why only physically strong people partake in Hajj, although they must be mentally strong as well because the spirituality of the event is just as rigourous for everyone


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Pilgrims also started coming to Mina. We are sleep deprived and exhausted but we are well trained and prepared for Hajjis.

It is not possible to give exact number of Hajjis this year. Many unregistered Hajis from nearby States enter Saudi Arabia to perform hajj. However, roughly speaking about 3.5 to 4 million Muslims performed haj this year.

First, Islam is the religion and the people believing in it are called Muslims, so I will assume that your question is :"Why do Muslims go to hajj?".Muslims go to hajj and pilgrimages because they believe that everyone has to visit God's place (Makkah) once in their lifetime or else they would not be considered Muslims.Hajjis the fifth pillar of Islam. It is obligatory (Once in lifetime) on every Muslim under certain conditions. The main condition is the affordability and being healthy.

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hajj: the journey of hajj is a place of worship !! :)

I am going to Hajj. I will go to Hajj next year. My aunt is back from Hajj. Performing Hajj is a good deed.

There may be different routes to Mecca. You may travel by plane, ship or bus. It depends from which country you are travelling to Mecca.

Hajj e Akbar (Great Hajj) is each year that the Eid e Ghorban (festival of sacrifice) falls in Friday and so Hajj of 2011 was not Hajj e Akbar.

hajj is a islamic place

The question is unclear. There is no offline Hajj.

The Muslims observe Hajj. It is obligatory to perform Hajj once in life time.

The fard of Hajj is: the obligatory Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam: Performing Hajj to the house of Allah in Makkah once in a lifetime for those who are able physically and financially. this one time hajj is obligatory, and any other Hajj after the obligatory Hajj is cconsidered voluntary. Have a nice day. Kaiser.

In fact, Umrah is called Hajj-i-Asghar and the annual Hajj in Zil Hijja is called Hajj-i-Akbar. It is commonly, without any authentic Hadith, said that the annual Hajj on 9th of Zil Hijja if falls on Friday is called hajj-i-Akbar.

Muslims make a Hajj to Mecca in Saudia Arabia, they will also make a Hajj to Jeursalem

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A person that is required to go to hajj is a person that understands what hajj is and what is its purpose, along with that, he/she needs to have to money and health to attend hajj. Obviously, Hajj is mandatory for Muslim Adults that have the money and health and strength to.

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The hajj happens every day

how do muslims dress for the hajj

The Hajj performed by The Holy Prophet (SAW) is called Hajj al wida because after that Hajj the Holy Prophet (SAW) fell ill and passed away to his beloved Almighty Allah Karim. That was his last Hajj.

"Hajj" is the Arabic word for "pilgrimage." The annual hajj to Mecca in Saudi Arabia is an Islamic tradition.

hajj occur on 10th dil hajj every year. It is the last month of lunar calender.

Hajj is obligatory on each Muslim man and woman. He went to perform Hajj.

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