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One reason could be that some things just need to be memorized, like multiplication tables & unit circle, for example. If you don't take the time and effort to memorize these types of things, then it will be difficult as you get into more advanced concepts.

Another reason may be that students learn to solve problems that have no apparent value to them, so they get the idea that it's wasting their time.

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Mathematics & Science are the 2 most interesting subjects of all time. I think the Teachers should make the subjects more interesting. If a child hates these 2 subjects, it only because of their School Teachers.

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Math is not an easy subject for many students, and in order to well in math you have to understand it. Students who do not listen well in class, do their homework, and get help when they do not understand a certain aspect of math will not do well in it.

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In most cases, negative perceptions of math comes from a fear of it.

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Q: Why do high school students fail in math?
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