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Their skin secretes a natural sunscreen.

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Q: Why do hippos coat their body with red fluid?
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What color fluid do hippos produce to coat their bodies?

RED! trust me, it is red.

What color fluid do hippos produce to coat their body?

Since the choices are orange or red, and hippos produce colored liquid from yellow to brown to RED to greyish. Orange isn't in the equation. Go with red. I hope you don't wiki all of the vote channels questions, it takes away the point. This is however fair because it's not opinion based and is completely random. :] happy voting

Do hippos sweat blood?

Aside from immersing in the water, hippos have a special way to fight off sunburn - they have glands that produce a red, oily fluid, and the fluid is as effective as a sun block. Because of this fluid, we used to think that hippos sweat blood. Actually, hippos don't have sweat glands so they do not sweat at all!

What do you call red fluid in the body?

The red fluid in the body is blood.

What is the red fluid that circulates throughout the body?

The red fluid that circulates through your body is your blood. It keeps all your body functioning properly, and actually it is not red until it is exposed to oxygen.

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Because their gay

Why hippopotamus has red sweat?

hippos do not even have red sweat.

What covers most of the hippos body?

Hippos have a thick skin covering, to protect their body. Practically hairless, its smooth skin very delicate. The hippo's skin excretes an oily liquid (red in colour), which keeps the skin moist and protected from the sun, when it is out of water.

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Why do rhinos sweat red?

They don't sweat. Its Hippos that red sweat

Do rhinos sweat red?

No, that's hippos. Hippos do it because they have very fair skin, and the red pigment in their sweat acts as a sunscreen and stops them from burning up.

What is a red fluid that circulates throughout the body?

blood are u stupid

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yes big red ines

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because they are angry

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blood contains haemoglobin

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