Why do hippos coat their body with red fluid?

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Their skin secretes a natural sunscreen.
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What is the body temperature of a hippo?

Hi Hippos mean temperature is 36.1 C but after immersing in water goes to 24.1 C It returns to 36.1 an hour after coming out of water

What is the medium for all body fluids in the body?

Interstitial fluid is the basic fluid from which all others are derived, including blood, lymph, and all extracellular fluid. Hormones are chemical messengers and are transported by blood, thought they themselves are not considered a body fluid.

How were The Patriots able to defeat The Red-Coats?

The colonists or patriots faced many disadvantages at the outset ofthe war. They did not have an established government,infrastructure, administrative departments and no national army ornavy. However, they had a large population which easily outnumberedBritish and they were motivated and wanted to w ( Full Answer )

What is a hippo?

The hippopotamus is the third largest land mammal, after the elephant and the white rhinoceros. They can weigh between 1.5 and 3.5 tons. They have short legs, a big barrel shaped body, and an enormous mouth. They eat mostly plants and spend most of the day in a lake or river, coming out in the c ( Full Answer )

Do red pandas change their coats?

The red panda has gray hair when it is born and after a few weeksit changes to red. Their coats do tend to get redder in the winter.In the wild, the red panda's lifespan can be between 8 to 10 yearsand about 15 years in captivity.

Why did Santa's coat turn red from green?

Because of an advert made by the popular drinks company: Coke/Cola.. Because of an advert made by the popular drinks company: Coke/Cola.

Red sweat hippos?

The red sweat is a natural antibiotic sunscreen to protect them from the heat and sun.

What is a red coat or a loyalist?

A loyalist is someone who is okay with the Stamp Act, and is happy with the way the government is charging them.

Who were the blue coats and who were the red coats in the revolutionary war?

the redcoats where the people that fought in the british army and war The red coats are the british army and the blue coats were the colonists( not all colonists wear blue; the few 'good' soldiers they had did.), then later the white coats came to help the blue coats as alliances. the white coats ( Full Answer )

What is fluid in the body?

The human body is mostly water. As such, the majority of the body'sfluids are composed primarily of water.

What about hippos?

hippos r the best thing in the world sure they maybe dangerous nbut hey the r awsum -sd

How does your body get fluid?

when we taking bevrage and evry things which we use have a certian percetage of water

Do hippos sweat turn red if they are upset?

Their skin secretes a natural sunscreen substance which is red-colored. The secretion is sometimes referred to as "blood sweat," but is neither blood nor sweat. This secretion is initially colorless and turns red-orange within minutes, eventually becoming brown. Two distinct pigments have been ident ( Full Answer )

Why is Santas coat red?

The first santa was a Turkish Bishop and his outfit had a lot of red in it.

How did Santa come to have a red coat?

Santa has a red coat because the coca-cola company used it to support its company, as the coloursa of the company are red and white.

Can a horse have a red coat?

yes it can in many non purebreds of the Arbaian hores there coats are red due to the other foul that it mates wiht :-)

What is the significance of the little girl in the RED coat?

she was in the movie schindlers list. This one child is a symbol of all the 6.000.000 victims, exposed to ruthless slaughter. The little girl in the red coat footage gives a feeling of hope. You think that she may be able to get away, that she has a chance. But then you see her later, and she is dea ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a metal coat in Pokemon Red?

If you are referring to the original Pokemon Red for the GameBoy, then you can't get a metal coat due to the fact that Steelix or Scizor were not Pokemon back then.. If you were referring to FireRed, I have no idea.

How do you get red Gatorade out of a white coat?

you could try bleaching it, directions: put your coat into a white load let washer fill with water before adding bleach wash coat. If this does not work then you could try to buy some kind of stain remover. I would recommend OxiClean! God Bless~hope this helped John 3:16 For God ( Full Answer )

What was the difference between the patriots and the red coats?

Patriots were the local colonial citizens of the American Colonies who wanted independence from Great Britain. Red Coats were the British soldiers that were sent to, amongst other things, put down the uprising of the "patriot" colonists. They got the name red coats by the color of the jackets they w ( Full Answer )

Red coats on the American revolution?

Red Coats were the soldiers sent by the British king to control the colonists, who used this term for them because their coats were red. It was the Red Coats that the Americans fought against in the Revolutionary War.

What covers most of the hippos body?

Hippos have a thick skin covering, to protect their body. Practically hairless, its smooth skin very delicate. The hippo's skin excretes an oily liquid (red in colour), which keeps the skin moist and protected from the sun, when it is out of water.

What coat color is usually red with white hairs mixed in the body?

If you are speaking of equine coat colors, the answer is roan. Roan coloration comes in various varieties also. If the horse has deep red coloration with white mottling and a dark tail and mane, it is a called a bay roan (due to the dark tail and main). Many of these horses, when their hair is groom ( Full Answer )

What color fluid do hippos produce to coat their body?

Since the choices are orange or red, and hippos produce colored liquid from yellow to brown to RED to greyish. Orange isn't in the equation. Go with red. I hope you don't wiki all of the vote channels questions, it takes away the point. This is however fair because it's not opinion based and is comp ( Full Answer )

Why are bullfighters coats red?

Most people think that bulls don't like red, but it is not true. That would be the reason they have red coats. But the reason the bull charges is that they are sensitiv to movement. That is why the bullfighter waves the coat around. plus ed is a good color to wear. :)

Was Paul Revere a red coat or blue coat?

He was a Boston colonist and never worn either coat. He was a patriot. The whole ride fable comes from a Longfellow poem. This includes the signal.His most important thing is the flier of the Boston Massacre. He drew the event and it was mainly propaganda made to incite the colonist against the Brit ( Full Answer )

What color is the coat of a female red kangaroo?

It varies. In the eastern part of the range of the red kangaroo, females are likely to be more grey in colour, whilst elsewhere within their range females tend to be reddish-brown, like the males.

Is there a Brannon coat of arms with red hands?

Yep. My last name is Brannon, I'm doing a report on heritage now, and it has a lion in the center with two red hands on either side. There is another variation of the coat of arms though.

In schindlers list. What does the red coat symbolize?

Red is the colour for blood, or love, or maybe could be seen as hope. Also, the little girl is wearing a red coat, like Red Riding Hood... So she is vulnerable, and she is being preyed upon by a wolf (the Nazis)

What is a red hippo?

Credit rating: A person's reputation for paying bills on time Interest: The money you8 receive for letting others use your money. Annual percentage rate: The percentage rate equal to the total amount of interest that a $10-0- deposit would earn based on a 365 -day period. Credit application: A compa ( Full Answer )

Are the british army red coats?

In the American Revolution and Napoleon wars, yes. After 1800 the Uniform was ceased, which lead to the Brodie Helmet for WWI and II, which lead to today's military headware.

Was Paul Revere a Red Coat or a Patriot?

He was a patriot.The fable of Revere comes from a Longfellow poem written in 1861 and in reality he didn't ride through the night yelling about the British coming. Longfellow wrote his poem on the eve of the civil war to remind people of the nation's history. Somehow the poem became part of history ( Full Answer )

Why the plain mirrors are coated with red colour?

plain mirrors are coated with paints to protect the reflecting surface behind the glass. If the reflecting surface gets scratched a hazy and unclear image will be formed,to prevent scratching of reflecting surface it is done so

How do you use red coat in a sentence?

When I was still in the Boy Scouts, it made me feel very proud to wear my woolen red coat on cold days. The lady in the red hat just took off her red coat.

Who is red coat on Pretty Little Liars?

Alison is red coat. Alison isn't dead. Let me explain : Alison hada twin sister named Courtney. Courtney was mental & she hasalways wanted be Ali. When she was supposed to be sent off toRadley, she switched places with Alison. Her parents didn't know.Alison got sent to radley. You've never heard of ( Full Answer )

What were the red coats?

the red coats are the british men during the american revolution. they are also called the red lobster.

What is the body fluid?

You have 60 % water in your body weight for weight. 20 % is in extra cellular compartment and 40 % is in intro cellular compartment. So for 70 KG man you have 14 liters of fluid in extra cellular compartment. Out of this 3 liter is present in your blood. 11 liters is present in so called interstitia ( Full Answer )