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Why do horses have hairs at the back?

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these hairs are called tails. horses use these for fly swatters and they have them for horse language

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How many hairs are in a horses tail?

There are 4,780 hairs in a horse's tail.

What type of horse has long white leg hairs?

Draft horses are the main types of horses that have long leg hairs extending over the hooves. Such breeds include Clydesdales, Shires, Welsh horses, Ardenne horses, and Gypsy Vanners.

Do friesion horses need special food for their feather hairs?


What is another word for hairs on a dog's back?

when the hairs stand up on a dogs back they are known as Hackles

How many hairs do a horses have in all?

it depends on the length of there mane but its lot!

You shaved the top of your eyebrows and now little hairs are coming back what do you do?

You can pluck the little hairs

How many hairs are there in a horse's tail?

there are over one million hairs in a horses tail. there are over one million haris on your very own head (unless your bald).

How many hairs are on a pigs back?


Do cilia hairs grow back?


Is it important to cut the hairs in a horses ears?

It is important NOT to because they are important for filtering and feeling and warmth.

What are horses with hairy feet called?

A horses foot is called a hoof. The long hairs around them are called feathers. There are many breeds with feathered feet including, Shires, Clydesdales, Friesians, and Gypsy horses.

What are facts about parameciums?

it has tiny hairs covering it, hairs help it move back and forth, the hair it has is called cilia

If you shave your pubic hairs will they grow back?

yes they will.

Alkaloids excite gustatory hairs at the?

at the back of the tongue

Where is a feather on a horse?

feathers are the little hairs behind the fetlock. they are on all the legs, and are more visible on heavier horses, like draft horses (Frisians, Percherons, Clydesdales).

What is a swirled circle of hairs in the middle of a horses forehead called?

It is simpley called a whorl. You can use the posiion of them to help determin the horses temperment. Hope this helps, xxx

Will Kane bring his mask back?

hopefully not. because he looks like a real monster with out hairs. i do't think he'd bring back his dirty hairs and stupid mask.

Do horses have good hearing?

Yes. Horses do have good hearing because they have hairs in their ear that catch the sound waves. A long time ago (and still now) horses were in the wild with no protection so they relied on all their senses.

What do you use to get dead hairs off horses?

You should use a curry comb. It is a rubber brush with small teeth on it.

Horses Is your animal a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

Horses are vertebrates they have a back bone

How many hairs are on a cats back?

Only God knows...

Do hairs grow back when pulled out by the root?

No, that is why they are pulled out by the root.

Alkaloids excite gustatory hairs mostly at the?

at the back of the tongue

What spider is big and white with red hairs?

red back ?

How do you grow back nose hairs?

You have to wait about 3 weeks.