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because the were born that way

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What does earth look like inside?

so hot you can't look at it, but it is red magmyish liquid, lots of explosions and hot hot hot.

Are horses cold or hot blooded mammals?

Horses have a four chambered heart and are hot blooded mammals.

Why are horses so great?

horses are great because they have ability strength and are really fun to look after, and are there when you have a worry and they can pull heavy stuff too, in the old times there where horses not cars, so horses are useful too. think of just horses no cars to get around, know you should now how great horses are!

Why do horses look like that?

the reason horses look the way they do is because of their ansestory

Where to find horses on horseisle 2?

Just look on isles without big towns that have arenas. (Savanna isle is a hot spot)

How do horses behave well in heat?

Answer. Horses usually do very well in heat but if they still have a long coat on while it is hot you need to shave the horse, so it does not over heat.

Why did humans evolve but cheeks?

So that we can shake them and look hot!

What is the transitive property of math?

Look at that striper she is so hot

Do mustangs drink less than other horses?

They drink twice a day. so yes they probly drink less than other horses because in the wild they have to look for water and other horses dont have to look for water because it is always in their bucket.

Why are horseshoes applied hot?

Horseshoes are applied hot so that they stay on the horses hoof when the shoe cools to room temperature and when the shoe turns cold in winter. By the way, horses do not need to wear shoes. Read "The Soul of a Horse" for more info.

What were hot horseshoes put on horses hooves?

Hot horse shoes are put on horses hooves because they are easier to shape. All hooves are different!

What is sandburn on horses?

sun burn is most likely on horses noses because it is very delectate so it is best to sun tan your horses nose in the hot weather to help avodid it getting burn and scapping over x

How can a horse affect you by it looking in your eyes?

No, because i have looked in a horses eye and it didn't do anything to me so you don't have to worry about anything when you look into a horses eye. No worries!

Why do buyers look carefully at horses teeth?

Because you can tella horses age roughly from its teeth and you may lie and say its age is something when acually its something else so the buyer will look at its teeth to check

What do real horses look like in the wild appearance?

they look like normal horses, but sometimes with a desiese and sometimes very woonded, and not as clean, as normal horses.

Why is lightning so hot?

because just look at her pink hair beautiful face nice curves how can that not be hot.

What kind of horses did Louis and Clark ride?

Saddle horses from this time period were most likely a mix of hot and cold blooded horses. They mixed sturdy draft type horses with more refined hot blooded horses and got a servicable animal that could carry heavy loads for long distances.

What do mustangs look like?

Mustangs can have many body types and shapes depending on what their ancestry is. Some look like Thoroughbreds or Quarter horses, while some look like Iberian horses, ponies, draft horses and everything inbetween. They come in all horse colors and generally have large feet.Mustangs vary in their appearance, they may look like Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, Arabians, Iberian horses, draft horses or anything inbetween. As a general rule they will have a 'coarse' look about them and large hooves.Mustangs vary in their appearance, they may look like Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, Arabians, Iberian horses, draft horses or anything inbetween. As a general rule they will have a 'coarse' look about them and large hooves.

How do you make your horse look elegant?

to make a horse look elegant you must . braid your horses main . make sure hoves are not over grown . always cheak for any dirty bits so you can brush them away . keep your horses head up at all times . make your horses step really quite . you can also keep your head up so you look elegant too . xx

What do ponies look like?

Like miniature horses.They look pretty much the same as horses, except half the size.

What do ponies look like compared to horses?

Most ponies look just like horses, just a little smaller.

Is the Jonas Brothers hot?

THey Are so not Hot you know!if you think they are hot then you are out of your mind!!!Jonas Brothers look like puke and garbage to me.If you wanna see hot watch wrestling then! the Jonas brother's are ugly have you seen them how they look in real life

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