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Horseshoe crab blood is blue because it has copper in it instead of iron like human blood. Our blood is blue inside and turns red when it hits air. Horseshoe crab blood is red inside and turns blue when it hits air. It's the other way around.

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Q: Why do horseshoe crabs have blue blood?
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Are horseshoe crabs a problem?

no! horseshoe crabs have blue blood wich helps people. horseshoe crabs are colected then blood is taken from them then returned to the water.

Why is blood sometimes blue?

Blood is only blue in Horseshoe Crabs.

What crustacean actually has blue blood?

Horseshoe crabs

What color is a horse shoe crabs blood?

Horseshoe crab's blood is blue.

What animal has blue blood?

Horseshoe crabs have blue blood. Believe it or not, humans have red blood and only red blood.

When is blood blue?

Blood is blue when you are an animal that has copper in the blood, rather than iron. Horseshoe Crabs are one such animal.

What color is the blood of horseshoe crabs?

Blue. it is used to treat diseases like leukemia.

What animal has blood color Blue?

octopus and squid (Both are sea animals) Also Horseshoe Crabs

Do blue crabs have blood?

Yes. All crabs have blue blood, not just the species known as the blue crab. The reason for the blue blood is that crabs do not have haemoglobin, which is found in the blood of vertebrates, and which is red due to the iron molecule in the centre of the protein. Instead, crabs have a protein called hemocyanin, which contains a copper molecule. This is particularly pronounced in the horseshoe crab, the blood of which is a stronger blue than other species.

How big do horseshoe crabs get?

how big do horseshoe crabs get?

Why some anymal has blue blood?

Some animals (like horseshoe crabs) have blue blood because they use hemocyanin carry oxygen to their tissues instead hemoglobin like we do. The copper in the hemocyanin makes their blood appear blue.

Is a horseshoe crab a amphibian?

It is a chelicerate, like a spider or a scorpion. No, it is an arthropod and not a true crab. It is more closely related to spiders than to crabs. It is worth noting that the unique blue blood of the horseshoe crab is farmed (the crabs are treated well) for medical purposes.

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