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Because house elfs are like donuts. There yummy glazed and powdered.


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You have to adopt an elf on the shelf if you want one to come to your house. You can purchase an elf on the shelf at major retailers like Target and Barnes and Noble. After you name your elf, that is when he gains his magic, and he will come back to your house each year at Christmas time.

If your good you get elf on a shelf

Give the house elf any item of clothing.

Voldemort did not actually kill a house elf. He did, however, frame the house elf Hokey for the death of her master.

Draco Malfoy, is not a house elf he is a human and he did not die. Dobby, the house elf, did die.

Go to a store and buy one. You now have an elf in your house.

No Dobby was a house elf and more over he was initially house elf of Malfoy family there for he was not a member of order of Phoenix as house elf are magically bond to obey their master.

In the Wizarding World itself there are probably hundreds of house-elves, however only three are named in the books. They are Winky the house-elf, Dobby the house-elf, and Kreacher the house-elf.there is also hokey the house elf

It tastes like milk.... but in powdered form. It has a milky taste but it is really powdered..

I think you are referring to that of Harry Potter.The house elves,etc.But I had never heard of elf fairy. For your answer,I think the answer should be: Not always.Dobby the house elf belongs to the Malfoy family.Kreacher belongs to the Black family.However,for those like Ron Weasley's family does not have a house elf.That depends. I hope this answer is ok. If you got better answers,please edit. Thank you!

"the Wood Elf", or if you like Warcraft, "the Night Elf"

Book 6, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; Dobby attacks Harry's personal house-elf and Sirius Black's old house-elf Kreacher for insulting Harry.

elf do like fairies and are always best friends.

no. the elf on the shelf goes back to the north pole

The master of the house in Rivendell was Elrond, an elf.

You can get an elf on the shelf to come to your house by leaving out some treats for it. I cannot guarantee that it will be royalty. I hope that I helped answer your question! :) ;)

House elves clean. I dont think there are elf elves but like yah

It is Rivendale, the last homely house. It is run by Elrond, a half-elf.

I think it may have been Twinky or something similar to that.

Our elf usually returns either right after Thanksgiving or at the beginning of December.

Our elf usually returns right after Thanksgiving or at the beginning of December.

Dobby is a house elf. Specifically Draco's and Lucius's house elf, until Harry releases him in the second movie.

usually the elf come 1 week before Christmas but if you contact santa and ask him to get your little elf sooner then, vala!

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