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people usually kill king cobras because they are afraid of them, but sometimes just to show off, or for there skin.

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How do humans affect the king cobras habitat?

We cut down trees and destroy forests for settlement which affects the king cobras habitat.

What is a king cobras preditor?

The King Cobra's main predators are mongooses and humans.

Are king cobras scared of anything?

yes they are scared of humans

Are king cobras shy?

No they are not. If there hungry they will bite you and it will eventually kill you.

Did king cobras kill Cleopatra?

Cleopatra was killed by Asps.

What can kill king cobras?

Adult king cobras have no predators because of their immense size. Juveniles are sometimes eaten by mongooses and birds of prey.

How many people can a king cobra kill?

king cobras can kill 26 people in one bite

Would king cobras make good pets?

No. King cobras are very large, very venomous snakes. Their venom is very dangerous to humans.

Will a eagle eat a king cobra?

No. A king cobras only natural predators are humans and mongooses.

Are king cobras carnivores?

Yes. They kill other snakes and eat them.

Why are civet cats enemies of king cobras?

King cobras do not have many predators but the civet cat is one of them. The civet cat can sneak up behind and kill a king cobra quickly.

When king cobra can change into human?

That comes from a fantasy story since humans remain humans not cobras.

What are king cobras enemies?

Mostly humans, but also mongooses and birds of prey.

What is a king cobras enimie?

it is a mongoose owl and eagle even humans a its enemie

Is king cobras the king of snakes?

is king cobras the king cobra

What are the king cobras enemies?

Humans, that's it. No other animal is dumb enough to mess with the King of Snakes.

What are the king cobras enemies-?

Mongoose, large birds, and humans are about the only enemies known to the king cobra.

Could a king cobra swallow a human in one bite?

No ,they can not .no king cobras bite you and the venom will kill you .

Are king cobras endangered?

No. King cobras are not endangered.

What would win if there is a fight between king cobra and spectacled cobra?

King cobras often kill and eat spectacled cobras (also known as Indian cobras), so I will say the king cobra wins. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_cobra

Does a king cobra symbolize a gang sign?

the king cobra does symbolize a gang sign it symbolizes for the mickey cobras king cobras black king cobras spanish cobras young latin org cobras

Are king cobras red?

No king cobras are green and yellow

What are king cobras habits?

king cobras smell with their tongue.

What kingdom are king cobras in?

King cobras are in the animal kingdom.

Why do king cobras have hoods?

King Cobras have 'Hoods' because they do.

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