Why do humans require body hair?

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Humans dont "require" hair. They were just made with it for warmth.

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Why don't humans have body hair?

all humans have body hair (there are little white hairs on ur belly) ... unless you are like a hairless cat...

Do buttocks have hair?

Body hair in various places is normal for humans past puberty.

Is cat hair dangerous to humans if it enters your body?


Why does human hair fall out of men's legs?

Hair falls out of everywhere that humans have hair, your body replaces each hair every once in awhile.

What kind of body covering does an ape have?

Ape have the same body covering as we do: skin with hair and sweat glands. They just have more hair than humans do.

How much body hair do eskimos have?

There is no set amount of hair that all Eskimos have. This amount of hair is similar to most humans around the world.

What does poils mean in French?

'poils' are body hair (when speaking of humans) or fur (for animals)

Why do humans have sparse body hair?

As we wore more clothes , body hair became less necessary for warmth and protection .It is also less aesthetically pleasing to most people.

What is the difference between lice and pubic lice?

There are three types of lice that infest humans. Pubic lice prefer the pubic hair, head lice prefer the hair on your head, and body lice affect body hair.

What is a function of the hair?

Hair covers most of the human body in different lengths, textures and thickness. Hair serves a number of features in humans, including insulation, protection, friction buffer and redirection of water and sweat from the body.

Humans are often called the naked apes Since we have extensive hair follicles all over our body why do you suppose we lack body hair?

The most widely held theory is that humans lost their hair evolving on the savannas of Africa in order to stay cool.One controversial hypothesis, called the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis, suggests that humans lost their hair evolving in semiaquatic or shoreline areas of east Africa as an adaptation to water (cf. dolphins and whales and their hair patterns).its a genetic thing. From birth little particles of hair will start growing all over your body. As you get older the hormones in your body start to increase and more hair is produced.

Do humans have hairs all over there body?

lots of hair almost 100,000 just on your head.

Are humans mammals and why?

Humans are mammals because we fit the definition. Live birth, feed Young milk from the mother, body hair etc.

Does the fur on a rat and human hair serve a similar purspose?

The rats hair main function is to maintain body temperature, just like the hair on humans reduces loss of heat by radiation. They are different that the hair covers the entire rat, where as it is mostly on the top of the head for humans.

Is Insulating body hair is a characterisitc of mammals?

All mammals have some hair, but cetaceans, sirenians, elephants, domestic pigs, naked mole rats, hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses, walruses, sea lions, some seals, and others lack dense, inslulating body hair. Humans' body hair is not very dense either. Thus, hair is a characteristic of mammals, but dense hair covering the entire body is not.

How are humans and mammals alike?

Humans are mammals. They are warm-blooded vertebrates, they have a body covering of hair or fur, they suckle their young with milk and they have specialized teeth.

What do humans have instead of fur or fleece?

Humans have hair that covers the body, either long or short which may or may not blend into the skin color wise.

What type of arachnid is parasitic and can be found on humans?

Body lice, or nits. They have evolved two species to live with humans, pubic lice and hair lice.

What year did people start wearing clothes?

At this moment in time no concrete answer exists to this question, however based on the research of 2 different groups into genetic analysis of human body lice, it is believed humans started wearing clothes either 100,000 years ago (roughly matching the date humans are believed to have started migrating from Africa) or 550,000 years ago. The reasoning behind studying human body lice to deduce when humans started wearing clothes is that, unlike fleas, lice have very week legs and require the presence of hair to latch onto, in order to be able to stay on the body. In the absence of hair, human body lice would need to stay on clothes to be close to the human body. At some point in history humans gradually lost their body hair and started wearing clothes instead, and by studying the genetic history of the body lice, scientists hope to be able to find a point where they stopped latching on to body hair and started resting on clothes to stay near the human body, thus indicating when people started to wear clothes.

What is the point of butt hair?

Body hair really doesn't have a function in modern humans, but it probably did at some point in the ancient past of our species. Humans are mammals, and mammals in general are covered with body hair. This hair (or fur) provides protection from weather elements, as well as from physical damage such as cuts and abrasions. For whatever reason, humans as a species have genetically lost most of their body hair. Most that remains is residual and mostly confined to the head and groin, and to the facial region of most mature males; we know that genetics are involved because there are individuals with far more body hair than usual, and because the tendency toward body hair runs in families. ---- Whilst most of what you say is reasonable, in fact humans have the same number of hair as apes for example, about five million of which two percent are on the scalp. It is just so fine that it is hardly noticable although it covers our entire body. The areas where it is thickest are around parts where friction occurs and on top of the head for protection.

What do you call hair styles that don't require hair products?

Soft Do's, which doesn't require hair products but may require hair supplies such as hair pins, rubber bands, or any hair accessories with no actual hair product such as styling liquids, gels, pomade, etc.

How are animals and humans alike?

How are animals and humans alike?

Should guys have hairs at all in his body?

Inside the nose, yes. I cannot think of any other areas IN the body. If you meant ON his body, all humans have hair covering their body. it is fine hair, but as a person ages and matures, some of it grows in thicker and coarser. Males generally grow more hair on their bodies then women.

What are some continuous variation in humans?

eyes, hair, fingers and toes, vertebrates... most common body parts

How do humans have body?

Humans are born with a body.