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Why do ice Bergs float?

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ice is less dense then water

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Do salty ice cubes float in water?

I think that salty ice cube do float in water because ice bergs float it water and they're made of salty water. i think i depends on the density (Amount of salt) in the ice

Is water more dense as a solid then a liquid?

No, less dense. That's why ice cubes and bergs float.

In Antarctica do icebergs have names?

By definition, icebergs float in the Southern Ocean, having broken off the Antarctic ice sheet. Some identify these bergs with names -- especially the larger bergs. You can learn more about how the large bergs are named, below.

Why dod ice bergs float in the Arctic and antarctic waters?

IceBergs float because they are less dense than water. Anything that is less dense than water will float on it. That is a property of water. Ice bergs don't have to be in the artic or antarctic waters to float... its just at these places icebergs are more abundant because they don't melt in the cold temperatures. If you put an iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic it would float, but it would melt in a short period of time.

Why ice bergs float in water?

The density of water is 1.0, the density of ice is less than 1.0 so it floats. The same principle applies to bubbles underwater.

How are ice bergs natural resources?

well ice bergs fall of glasures like from Iceland and follows the curant

Are all ice bergs fresh water?

No. Because in the artic ocean there are ice bergs. The titanic was sailing in the ocean and hit an ice berg.

What type of solid is less dense than its liquid form?

Ice is less dense than water at the freezing temperature. That's why ice cubes and bergs float in water.

Why are ice bergs important?

its for the penguins NOT to fall...

Which ocean has the most ice bergs?

the artic ocean has the most ice burgs

What type of home dose a seal have?

it is cold and it has lots of ice and ice bergs

What are ice bergs made of?

Icebergs are made from a huge glacier in Greenland called Baffin Bay. They float out into the Atlantic Ocean but most do't last for a very long time.

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