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This really isn't an Insurance Question - It's a "Medical Question" One - My Father and Grandfather were also an Insurance Agents. They taught me that if the client can pay the premium - we have a policy for them. Basically the general rule of Insurance is that they are insuring the average general population at the regular price. If you have an issue that makes you "riskier" then you either don't get the coverage or you pay a higher price. If you were a lot healthier - then you would want a lower price than everyone else.

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Q: Why do insurance companies turn down people with a history of drug use?
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You have to be on the registration as well. Most insurance companies are cracking down on this because people are using other's with better driving records to save money-so they got wise

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Companies like Money Supermarket, Green Flag, RAC, Tesco Bank, ASDA, Aviva, Auto AID Breakdown, Churchill, Theaa and USwitch offer car break down insurance.

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One option is to compare individual car insurance companies such as Progressive or Geico. Progressive also compares their car insurance with other companies to cut down an extra step.

How to get malpractice insurance if you have been turned down before?

There are many companies out there that sell Malpractice coverage. You just have to check with another insurance company.

Which financial firms offer no down payment car insurance?

Arguably the 2 most reputable insurance companies that offer automobile insurance with no down payment are "esurance" and "Car Insurance". Any other would typically involve at least a credit check.

Where could one get car insurance with a low down payment?

Car insurance companies do not require full payment upon acceptance. They do however ask for a down payment. If you go through a 3rd party you maybe able to get car insurance without a down payment.

How do home insurance companies determine compensation amounts?

My house burned down and I am trying to file a claim for fire and smoke damage. How do insurance companies know how much to compensate for the damage? Do they look at your inventory list?

What do long term care partnership programs pair together?

The state and private insurance companies. It was called long term care (LTC) insurance partnership program because it is a collaboration between the state and private insurance companies. It was because of the state's intention to convince people to buy long term care insurance so they partnered with private LTC companies to establish a program that would enable people to apply for Medicaid without having to spend down their asset through the asset disregard program feature of LTC partnership.

Can you get turned down from Homeowners insurance if you have bad credit rating or forclousere?

Yes, many insurance companies do require you qualify credit wise to be eligible for coverage.

Can insurance companies turn you down for pre existing conditions?

Insurance does not cover pre-existing ailments. Medical Insurance is only available to individuals who pass a health screening and are deemed reasonably fit to be given an insurance policy.

What companies offer cheap auto insurance in Florida?

The best way to find cheap auto insurance in Florida is to shop around. Start with the major companies like GEICO, Allstate and State Farm and also use online insurance quote providers to narrow down the field.

How to Get a Good Deal on Auto Insurance in Arkansas?

Authorities in Arkansas require car owners to insure their vehicles. However, people can have numerous challenges shopping for an insurance policy. For instance, this mandatory expenditure can be hefty. Conversely, with the upsurge of companies now offering auto insurance in Arkansas, their stiff competition for customers drives their rates down. People seeking auto insurance in this area should, therefore, get insurance quotes from different companies and only settle for the best deals.Individuals should determine the coverage fit for them. Insurance premiums set by insurance companies depend on the type of insurance coverage offered. For instance, people who buy comprehensive insurance policies can end up paying more than those who stick to collision coverage. In many occasions, the type of insurance required depends on the model of the vehicle. People should always check the insurance premiums that their vehicle of choice attracts. They can then compare numerous quotes for that particular vehicle model. Finally, they should buy cars with good ratings. This can help them attract lower premiums.Companies that offer auto insurance also provide other types of insurance. For example, apart from motor vehicle insurance, insurance companies in Arkansas offer home, life, business and other forms of insurance. People can get good deals on auto insurance by buying different types of insurance from the same source company. These individuals can get numerous discounts that may significantly lower the amount spent on car insurance. In addition, people who have more than one car should insure them through the same company. By doing this, they can get discounts and will be able to negotiate for lower premiums.People seeking lower car insurance premiums should drive carefully. Many insurance companies impose higher premiums on people they consider high-risk. In most cases, these insurance companies consider people who have poor driving skills as risks. This attribute can be confounded when young divers apply for insurance. Individuals should go for driving courses to avoid accidents as much as possible. Furthermore, teenage drivers should request their parents to insure their vehicles and, thereby, get cheap insurance deals.Everybody can get the best insurance deals in Arkansas. They only have to do the necessary leg work.

With what success have life insurance companies returned to residential mortgage investment?

most of these operations have been closed or shut down, although several life insurance companies, such as Prudential Home Mortgage and Metropolitan Life, have had success in the mortgage banking segment

Use the Best Ratings to Find the Best Auto Insurance Companies?

The insurance industry ratings provider is indeed called Best - A. M. Best to be exact. With its ratings available online, it is easy to find out which are the best auto insurance companies as far as stability is concerned. You will probably see all of the major companies listed as A+ which is a top rating, so once you know you are dealing with stable companies, check prices, deductibles and other features to narrow your choice down to two companies that are the best auto insurance companies for you. Make the final decision by checking consumer reviews regarding service.

The Many Benefits of Senate Insurance?

Senate Insurance is an excellent option for people who are looking for auto insurance that offers great protection at really reasonable and affordable prices. Senate Insurance guarantees the lowest down payment, same day coverage, and monthly payment extensions. They are able to do this because the company is actually a broker firm representing a lot of different auto insurance companies. This gives them the power to be able to negotiate much lower rates than other insurance companies have the ability to do. Because State Insurance offers so many benefits, it really is the best company to buy auto insurance through.

Where can one find auto insurance for teens?

Many different auto insurance companies offer discount policies to help keep the cost down for teens added to your insurance. Nationwide offers teen auto insurance programs and you can find a quote on their website.

What is the benefit of professional indemnity insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance helps professionals from being legally responisible in a negligence lawsuit. It keeps lawsuits down saving companies from a lot of money.

What do you call people who write down history?


Who is Lisa Jones in standard insurance commercial?

Lisa Jones from the Standard Insurance commercial, is a vice president of the Chubb group of insurance companies. In 2013 she won the Adrienne Hall award which is presented to women who break down barriers.

Does Progressive Insurance offer the best rates in the country?

Progressive Insurance rates are comparable to the other national insurance companies such as Gieco, State Farm, Nationwide and American Family Insurance. They may have the best deal for you, but it may be different for John Doe down the road.

What is the best company for Denver health insurance?

There is not one company that is the best for Denver health insurance. Many companies have there own strengths and it really comes down to what is the best fit for your own individual wants and needs, you can try this site where you can compare quotes from different companies

car insurance quote Arizona?

There are many insurance policies that drivers in Arizona can choose from. However, it is always wise for drivers to determine the type of car insurance that they need. Car owners can always call a local car insurance company to ask for quotes. They can also shop around online to find insurance policies that are commensurate with their needs. Insurance companies will offer all kinds of quotes that will meet state insurance requirements. Arizona state law has set specific rules about the kind of car insurance that drivers need to carry. The state requires that all drivers have car insurance to keep people safe on the road. Car insurance quotes depend on the company that drivers get insurance from. Their prices also vary depending on the type of vehicle that people drive. There are a few major factors that will help people get low car insurance rates. First, drivers should look for a car that insurance companies prefer. If a car has a lot of problems, insurance companies often raise their quotes. Insurance companies charge people more when they drive vehicles that are frequently stolen. If Arizona drivers are currently shopping for a car, they should make sure that the vehicle they purchase will help them get low insurance rates. There are also insurance companies that will offer great discounts when people obtain more than one insurance package. With the declining auto accident rate in Arizona, car owners can get great deals on car insurance. Students with clean driving records can also get discounts. Drivers can agree to only drive short distances. They can also take out policies with higher deductibles. This will also cut down the costs involved in keeping their car insured. Car owners must be very cautious when they drive. Insurance companies charge drivers who are prone to accidents much higher rates. Drivers with very poor driving records may have trouble finding a company that will insure them. Insurance companies will have a thorough look at a driver's record and assess how many accidents they have had in a specific period of time. If drivers have been in a lot of accidents, the car insurance quotes that they receive will be less favorable. The greatest factor that affects car insurance quotes is the drivers themselves. Insurance companies charge people different rates based on their age, marital status, income and driving record.

I hit a down tree in the road how much will my insurance go up?

No way to answer that you will need to contact your agent or companies policies services dept.

Can you still get vehicle insurance if you have really bad credit?

Yes you can, however the insurance company would likely want a larger amount down. You may also find your rates to be higher then those with good credit and the insurance companies will to insure you to be less.