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They don't. They just float the currents of the ocean, unaware of their surroundings. If a jellyfish is "beached," it is the result of the ocean waves carrying it there.

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Why are jellyfish on the beach?

Jellyfish wash up on the beach because they have died

Why do blue bottle jellyfish wash out on the beach?

jellyfish come on the beach so they can see wild antmos

When do jellyfish they wash up on the beach?

I'm not really sure what you mean, but if you are saying when do jellyfish wash up on the beach, they are either dead or injured jellyfish wafted onto the beach by the tide, or jellyfish who get beached while swimming too close to the surface. I hope this will help.

Do jellyfish live alone or in groups?

Jellyfish live in packs, but some jellyfish travel by themselves.

Do jellyfish eat penguins?

no they do not penguin very rarely eat jellyfish themselves and jellyfish cant eat them

Fish that sting in the beach sand?


Are there jellyfish on the port aransas beach?


Do jellyfish come in summer?

If you are asking- "can you be stung at the beach by a jellyfish in summer?" the answer is yes. If you are asking- "are jellyfish alive in summer?" the answer is yes. Yes, jellyfish ..come in summer.

Do jellyfish camouflage themselves?


What types of jellyfish are in NC?

Cabbagehead or Cannonball jellyfish were very common this summer on the southern coast of North Carolina - Kure Beach, Carolina beach. GTM

How do jellyfish care for their young?

Jellyfish do not care for their young.Jellyfish don't feed their young, they fend for themselves.

Make a sentence containing the word jellyfish?

Jellyfish are abundant in many parts of the ocean.I do not like seeing jellyfish on the beach.A jellyfish stung me as I was swimming in the Mediterranean Sea this summer.

How do you find a dead Jellyfish on supersecretcom?

crescent beach

Where is the dead jellyfish in supersecret?

It is on the beach BEHIND Kelsey.

How do jellyfish help the ocean?

Jellyfish serve as food for many animals; they are also predators themselves.

What are the survival techniques of jellyfish?

Jellyfish use stinging cells to protect themselves & catch food

Do jellyfish live in Virginia?

Jellyfish can be found in the state of Virginia. They can be found in beach areas off the coast of Virginia.

When jellyfish show up at the beach what do you do?

leave it alone! it can sting you!

Where do you find dead jellyfish in supersecret?

You can find it at the Cresent Beach.

How do jellyfish end up on the beach?

The tide washes them ashore.

Which beach has the most jellyfish in Florida?

Edgar Allan Poe

Can Jellyfish sting while on the beach?

Yes it can, as long as it is alive.

Are there beaches with no jellyfish?

All beaches have "no jellyfish" at some point of time. This changes through the current changes. If the current is pushing into the beach there will be Jellyfish if it is the right time of year. But if there is no current or it is pushing out to sea there will be no Jellyfish.

What is the niche for a jellyfish?

to eat algae and protect themselves

What do box jellyfish do to protect themselves?

They sting mercilessly