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They attack other living things because they are carnivorous.

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Q: Why do killer whales attack?
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Killer Whales help humans with what?

Killer whales don't attack humans without a reason they will only attack if they feel that their is a reason to attack. Hunger or boredom are reasons to attack.

Do killer whales attack sperm whales?

Almost never. An adult sperm whale can defend themselves against a killer whale attack. Remains of sperm whales have been found in killer whales, but, it was the exception instead of the rule.

Do whales attack whales?

depends which species it is, killer whales do attack other whales which is how they got their name whales do attack other marine life though because they are carnivorous.

The killer whales eat blue whales?

yes, killer whales, also known as orcas, will attack large whales in there pod (wich is a group of killer whales)it is even known that killer whales have attacked great white sharks.

Do humpback whales attack other whales?

Humpback whales don't usually attack other species of whales. Killer Whales are the only whales known to do that.

Do killer whales attack sharks?


Killer whales and sharks eat dolphins. Sharks eat killer whales. Killer whales eat tiger sharks. Killer whales eat nurse sharks too. They eat and attack anything they see. Any types of sharks.?

KIller Whales do not attack sharks and they do not attack anything that they see. Killer Whales only eat small sharks and fish because No creatures are mindless killers there is always a reason

Do killer whales kill gray whales?

No they won't attack anything bigger then them

What do killer whales actually eat?

Other dolphins, penguins, seals, fish. Will sometimes attack whales. Killer whales are really large dolphins.

How do killer whales attack there prey?

by hidding in the water

What are killer whales pray?

Killer whales will normally eat fish such as cod or they may eat sea otter they also attack other whales but the killer whale is not a whale it is a dolphin

Why do Killer whales attack whales?

They attack other whales for food.From the lighter side: Because they could!Because they were hungry and there were no seals around to eat!

What are the orca whales natural predators?

Well besides humans, Big sharks are known to attack and kill killer whales. Killer whales main shark predators are the Great White shark as they can attack a full grown male killer whale. Other sharkscan kill ill,injured,old or young killer whales.

Do orcas eat sperm whales?

Killer whales when in a pack have been know to attack and eat larger whales.

How does a killer whales tail help them?

it helps them attack predators.

What can attack a killer whale?

killer whales are at the top of the food chain only humans can kill killer whales cause we have weapons like guns and things like that

How do killer whales defend themselves?

Killer whales are very tough animals with incredibly strong jaws. Animals that attack it will be very lucky to survive.

How do killer whales kill?

Actually, not all killer whales kill. They may attack if they feel unsafe. try checking or if this did not help you much.

What are a blue whales main predators?

the blue whale doesn't have no predators unless a group of killer whales attack it

Do whales eat other whales?

No species of true whales make other whales their prey. "Killer whales" (orcas) are among the few animals (besides humans) to attack whales.

Killer whales colors foodshelter and number of offspring?

what colors are Killer Whales what colors are Killer Whales what colors are Killer Whales

Who is tougher a whale shark or a killer whale?

killer whales are a natural killer but it kills sea lions only and as far as i know there havent been any killer whales attack to any human. whale shark are a gentle creauture and very diffrent then killer whales . there havent been any whale shark attack to human . In my point of view killer whale is tougher then whale shark because the killer whale is fast has a good and killer sized teeth.

Is anything big enough to eat a killer whale?

No. The Killer Whale is at the top of the food chain. Things are BIG enough, but they just don't. Killer whales attack even blue whales. Does that sort it? If not, message me..

Are killer whales at the top of a food chain?

Yes. Usually nothing attacks a killer whale (although a shark might go after an unprotected calf), and once in a great while, humans will hunt them for food and/or oil. Killer whales are not the biggest toothed mammal, that is the sperm whale. Sperm whales eat fish and squid, not killer whales. Killer whales almost never attack the sperm whale.

Do killer whales eat puffins?

killer whales do eat puffins killer whales do eat puffins