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they hide them , because no one can find the end of the rainbow.

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Is there an end to the rainbow?

No .The mythology associated with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was perpetuated by the Leprechaun's themselves. Back around 6000 years ago a Leprechaun from what is now know as West Cork in Ireland was captured by a Celt who refused to let him go unless he was told where the Leprechauns kept their gold. The Leprechauns companions created a false trail and hid a small amount of gold at a point where through their magical qualities they created a Rainbow without sun or rain -he end of which fell at the point where the gold was buried. When the Celt began to dig he came across a small piece of gold and is excitement he let the Leprechaun go. This started the myth and it passed down through the generations So its true to say wherever you see a rainbow now that there is no pot of gold of it. In fact the gold is anywhere except there and thats what keeps it safe.

How did the gold get in this world?

gold came to this wold by the rivers in the mountain's wen the pirates hid there gold because there were stingy with there precious gold of there's well the river they hid the gold in started to over flow and went to the rocky mountain's river but don't get fulled they have also a couple of fake gold in the river and thats how the gold got to the river

What is the purpose of the pyrimaids?

the purpose of the pyrimaids is that the acient people hid there jewels and gold in the pyrimaids

What is the simple past of hide?

Hid. He hid, she hid, it hid, they hid, etc.

Where did Eva braun hide the Jew gold?

She hid the Jew gold in the jewdengoldenscheilagerudeben in Munich. There are over six thousand pieces of Jew gold, some weighing pounds worth millions of dollar.

If you catch a leprechaun what must it tell you?

According to a legend, if you catch a leprechaun you must be told where he/she hid a pot of gold.

Is 6000K HID lights legal in Arizona?

Depends, HID KITS are not legal anywhere in the US, they violate US DOT law. HID lights that come factory with a proper projector designed with HID in mind (higher end cars; Audi, Mercedes). Practically, if you aim the HID lights down, as to not blind other drivers, its unlikely that a cop will pull you over, as they can't really tell if your lights stock or an addon kit.

Who hid with the franks?

Miep Gies hid them.

What do Minos turn into?

In the fairytale Minos did not turn into anything. But he wished that everything he touched would turn into gold, and he could not eat or drink. But one day he touched hid daughter and she turned into gold!

What are words that start with H and end in D?

Head heed headed heeled heaped hid hided hissed

How do you know the wattage needed on HID replacement bulbs?

The wattage depends on the size of the growing area. It also depends on whether HID is the main source of light or if it supplements sunlight. And it also depends on the types of plants. 150/175 watts if HID lights 2'x2' growing area, and HID and sun light 3'x3' 250 watts if HID 3'x3', HID and sun 4'x4' 400/430 watts if HID 4'x4', HID and sun 6'x6' 600 watts if HID 6'x6', HID and sun 8'x8' 1000 watts if HID 8'x8', HID and sun 10'x10'

What is the past tense of hid?

The past tense of hid is hidden.

How do you spell hid?

The spelling hid is the past tense of hide.

What is the present tense of hid?

The present tense of hid is hide.

Where did the frank family hid?

They hid in an attic on top of a workplace

Is hid an adjective?

No, "hid" is the past tense of the verb "hide".

Is hid a verb?

Hid is a verb, the simple past tense

What is HID Global's population?

HID Global's population is 2,100.

What is the population of HID Global?

HID Global's population is 42,011.

Are HID lights legal in Utah?

HID headlamps designed, engineered, manufactured, and certified or type-approved as HID headlamps are legal everywhere. "HID kits" and "projector retrofits", where HID bulbs are installed in headlamps not originally designed to accept them, are unsafe and illegal everywhere.

How do you test an HID lamp ignitor?

For your question, i see the ignitor means the Electronic Ballast. If you want test HID lamp electronic ballast, you can reference Lisun WT2000-HID HID Ballast Tester, this instrument is main for test HID lamp electronic ballast,

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