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they are tasting the air and temperatures and can sense their envoirenment from doing it probably because their eyesight is poor and search for prey by doing it == ==

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Why do lizards stick their tongues out?

Lizards, like snakes, stick their tongues out to catch scents in the air.

Can fish stick their tongues out?

No, fish can not stick their tongues out

Do platypuses stick out their tongues?

Platypuses do not stick out their tongues.

How far can a crocodile stick their tongues out?

they cant stick their tongues out

Why do lizards have sticky tongues?

to catch their prey

Why do sleeping dogs stick out their tongues?

this way they can stay cool, when they get hot, they stick they tongues out to cool down

Can alligators stick their tongues out?


WHY crocodile stick out its tongue?

Crocodiles cannot stick out their tongues. Their tongues are attached to the bottom of there mouths, good as well otherwise they could accidently bite their tongues. Ouch!

What do Blue Tongues eat?

they eat insects and smaller lizards.

Can a lion stick out its tongue?

Yes, lions can stick their tongues out!

Can a crocodiel stick his tongue out?

No, crocodiles can't stick out their tongues.

Why do whales stick out their tongues?

because they can

Do bears stick their tongues out?

Yes they do.

Do alligators stick out their tongues?

No, they don't.

Why do bearded dragons stick their tongues out?


Why do numbats stick out their tongues?

Numbats use their long, sticky tongues for catching termites.

Why do lizards stick on the walls?

Some lizards stick to wall because of special suction cups on their feet.

Why do girls stick their tongues out?

Because they do it to annoy you.

Why do cats stick out their tongues when they smell something?

Cats Will Normaly Stick Their Tongues out when they lick their selfs and then forget where to put it at when their done.. that shows how lazy they realy are :]

What is a group of blue tongue lizards called?

We have a suggestion, " a blest of blue tongues".

How do frogs catch their prey?

They stick out their tongues and catch them.

Why do cats stick their tongues out?

It means they're pleased

Can alligators stick there tongues out?

No, like crocodiles, they can't.

In which country do they stick their tongues out to say hello?


Why are blue tongue lizards tongues blue?

nobody knows why and when but all of us wonder