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Our else the players will leve.

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Q: Why do managers pay the footballers so much?
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How do footballers earn so much money?

Not all footballers do. Some even pay to play(non pro) The best are hosehold names generating huge income for their clubs and sponsers. So they get their slice

Why is footballers pay so high?

Because they are on tv everyweek and people who are on tv get alot of money

How much does a youth sports maneger make?

In most leagues youth spots managers is a volunteer jobs, so pay is not distributed

Why do footballers earn so much money?

they don't have a very long career

Why should footballers need carbonhydrates?

Football is a sport which needs much energy and stamina,so footballers need carbohydrates such as glucose to boost their play.

How much do Cato district managers make?

It cant be much, they only pay their associates minimun wage with ten cent raise opportunities every year or so.

Why do American footballers seem to have so much trouble catching the ball?

It is because they are worried that they will get hit and hurt.

Why did managers have so much power their unskilled workers?

they were easy to replace

Do footballers need balance?

footballers need good balance so they don't fall over when they have the ball.

Why did managers have so much power over their unskilled worker?

they were easy to replace

Who is better England or spanish league?

The Spanish league is better , maybe because they have to pay more tax in England , so the best footballers are in Italy and Spain.

How often do pro footballers change there football boots?

Very good question... Professional footballers firstly do not pay for their boots they wear. Sporting companies even pay them to wear their shoe brand. So therefore I believe a porfessional footballer wears a new pair of soccer boots every match! Hope this helps! CHEERS!

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