Why do men always lie to you?

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I'm male, and I don't lie to people...

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Do men lie about fear?

some men lie to say they love you but they also lie because they might care

Do girls lie more than men?

Men lie 8x more than women. Men usually lie about themselve. When women lie, it's usually to protect other people.

If Someone says that they always lie are they telling the truth Or are they lying?

If I said "I always lie" and it's true, then I have spoken the truth and I don't always lie.By the same token if I say "I always lie" and it's a lie, then I say the truth sometimes.The man lies when he says he always lies.

Why do some men always lie?

Coming from a man, I'm sorry that we do this. We do some things that put us into awkward situations, and to try and avoid embarrassment and/or consequences, we lie :D. Sorry

What does the center of a circle lie on?

It will always lie on a diameter.

Do men lie more than females?

Well....Yes. Men lie around women because they get more nervous.

When does Huck lie about Jim on the river?

always. he tells the 'prince and king' Jim is his slave, and the men in a canoe that Jim is his dad (they never see him).

When do you use lay or lie in a sentence?

i always lay down and i lie on my bed when im tired i always lay down and i lie on my bed when im tired

What is Dexter Fowler's walk up to bat songs?

I heard its 'Woman Lie Men Lie'.

Why men lie and women cry?

women are more sensitive than men,men are too strong

What are the release dates for Men Lie - 1994?

Men Lie - 1994 was released on: USA: 20 April 1994 (Houston Film Festival) (premiere)

How do giraffes lie down?

they always stand

Why did you just lie?

I always tell the truth.

Why is it always snowing?

That's a lie and you know it.

Do you lie when you fart?

I always tell the truth.

Can you say i always lie?

yes jama, you can

How old do you have to be to have a my space?

Well, you are SUPPOSE to be 18 . but. people always lie. i do. (: so. just lie. [:

Is the magic 8 ball always right?

ALWAYS. it never can tell a lie.

What do you call the person who always lie?

A person who always lies is called a liar.

Does the center of gravity of a solid body always lie within the body?

The center of gravity of a solid body does not always lie within the body. An example of this is a hula hoop. The center of gravity does not lie on the hoop that rotates.

What is the moral lesson of the story of Pinocchio?

Either it's big Or small .. A Lie is ALWAYS a Lie! IF you Lie and Lie and Lie.. NO one will TRUST you ever again... knowing about you're DISHONESTY'S ... and Lie may not lead you to Good things.. !

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