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Why do men go bald?

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Baldness is hereditary and the gene is carried by the mother. Baldness is when the follicle where the hair follicle stops workingproperly. Testosterone, a hormone that is present in high levels in males after puberty, is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. DHT has an adverse affect on the hair follicles. Acting on a hormone receptor on the hair follicle it slows down hair production and produces weak, shorter hair, sometimes it stops hair growth from the follicle completely. This process gradually depletes your stock of hair and is normal hair loss. DHT is produced by males and is responsible for the formation of male sex-specific characteristics. DHT is an important contributor to other characteristics generally attributed to males, including facial and body hair growth, and deepening of the voice. DHT may also play a crucial role in both sex drive and the growth of muscle tissue.

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Are bald men sexier than non bald men?

To answer the question are bald men sexier than non bald men. Bald men are sexier because women get off by rubbing their heads.

What percentage of men go bald?

60 percent

At what age does men usually go bald?


Do Mexico men go bald?

Not all of them, but yes, many Mexican people go bald due to a 56% of European genetic traits within their genome.

What age do men go bald?

We see it by the age of 40 years now.

Are old men usually bald?

theres quite a gud chance that older men will become or are bald, men usually start to become bald from the age as young as 30.

How long does it take to go completely bald?

Most balding men do not go completely bald (Norwood 7), but those who do, are usually terminally bald at 25, even earlier. If hair loss begins at 17-19, going completely bald takes usually less than 5 years. One can even go bald in less than a year, but it is rare. By Alopecia Areata one can go bald (Alopecia Totalis) overnight.

How do men get bald spots?

Men get bald spots by stress and those stuff.. and because of male pattern baldness, and alopecia

How do men get bald?

They shave their heads

How do bald Jewish men attach their yarmulkes?

Bald Jewish men wear a Yarmulka that is big enough that it doesn't need to be attached. Many non-bald Jews do the same thing.

Do women get attracted to bald men?

Yes, Of course. I'm highly attracted to bald men. Every time I see a bald man, my head turns. I've never dated a bald man but I want my future husband to be bald. I know that sounds lame but I'm anonymous so I don't mind sharing it with you. AnswerAbsolutely. Some men actually look better bald or partially bald and are extremely sexy too!

Why does not women go bald in head?

Some women do It depends on your genes really! if your family have all gone bald then the chances are you're probably going to be bald when your older. it less likely for women to get bald rather than men, but that's just the way our bodies are formed

What age do they get bald?

Men usually get bald by the time they reach 40 years of age.

Will a man go bald if his uncle was bald?


Why do you go bald?

You can go bald as you get older because of old age. You can also become bald if you have cancer, or because of stress.

Why are there more chickens than bald eagles?

because men kill a lot of bald eagle

What country has the most bald men?


Does long hair make men go bald?

no your parents just tell you that to scare you and make you cut ur hair

Do all bald men wear hats?

no they do not some men are not ashamed of there heads

At what age does some men go bald?

As a hair stylist, I've seen some men begin to show signs of balding as early as their high school years.

At what age do you turn bald?

It's different for different individuals. Aside from a physical condition, men can bald typically anywhere from their late twenties to well in their latter years. Then again, while their may be some hair loss, some men never go bald. My father was bald in his late twenties. I am now 63, and still have a full head of hair. So it just depends on an individuals genetics.

Why is your wife going bald?

Women can go bald or have thinning hair just like men do. Androgenetic Alopecia is the main cause of baldness in both men and women. It happens when women age and their estrogen levels drop allowing the male hormone testosterone to take over.

Why are some men bald?

They have sex too much. Celibate men retain their hair.

Why do middle aged men shave their heads bald?

they shave their head bald because they feel like it is cool to this.

Do bald people get dandruff?

No Bald areas are susceptible to decreased proliferation which means very much less dandruff. What others may notice as dandruff in bald men might have been in the areas that are not bald.