Why do men in Hindu religion have red dots on there forehead?

The Bindi, or the dot, has a deep spiritual meaning for Hindus that revolves around chakra and figuratively seeing with a third eye. Chakra is the belief that certain points on the body have a deeper spiritual purpose to them. The point in between the eyes is considered to be a focal point of concentration and understanding, hence the figurative third eye reference, to see what most do not. It revolves around the belief in being conscious of things that take deep spiritual focus.

It also can carry the idea of the center of the universe around us is at that point on the forehead that deals with concentration and meditation. It is a symbol for many, but for some the dot is actually believed to help them be able to see things clearly.

While it is mostly women that adorn themselves with a bindi, some men also take part in this form of religious practice.

In Hindu religion in India man use to put a straight line mark or a 'V' mark on their forehead which is known as TILAK which generall is formed by sandalwood paste, and which represent the god devotion, while women who are married put a dot on their forehead as the sign of their marrige.