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Why do men like fat women?


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September 14, 2011 12:27AM

There is more to a person then their weight. Maybe they like them because of there heart or soul or intelligence or demeanor . If a man like a particular type of body style that would explain the heavy desire. There is nothing wron with that, women of all shapes and sizes have lots to offer and they are just as lovable as skinny, boney chicks.

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I cannot answer for all men, but I like chubby women simply because I generally find them more beautiful. It has nothing to do with being nice, mean, stuck up, whatever--and honestly, there are many skinny girls who are perfectly nice and plently of fat girls who absolutely bearish.

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There are just as many tastes in body shapes as there are body sizes. The definition of human beauty is different in every person - Some people like skinny types, others like larger types. It's the same with women who seek men. As the above answers prove, every person has their different reasons as to why they like their potential partners a certain shape. However, many men probably do not admit to liking the larger type of woman because of the general social attitude against them.

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I'm a fat woman. My boyfriend told me when we first got together that he's attracted to fat women just because all the women in his life growing up were fat.