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Why do men not touch their girlfriends after having a baby?



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It's not just girlfriends, it's wives too. There are SO many reasons for this, and I can only give you what I know. So here goes. If your boyfriend was present at the birth of your baby, that can be scary for him. Seeing you in pain, seeing the baby come out of the birth canal, seeing the placenta and all the "gore" involved in childbirth can really turn a guy off. It's not your fault, nor should childbirth be seen as anything but a beautiful experience, but let's face it, some guys get queasy very easy. He's afraid to hurt you. Childbirth is painful, whether it's a vaginal birth or a C-section. He saw what you've been through and doesn't want to hurt you. If you've waited the six weeks your doctor suggested and feel ready to have sex, start slow and reassure him that it doesn't hurt. If it does, then give it more time. He's now a father and that's pretty scary. He is now responsible for another human being - financially and emotionally. Suddenly all this talk about having a baby has come to fruition and now he's carrying around the weight of the world. It's a very scary time for a man. Stress is a major sex drive killer. The only thing that will alleviate this feeling is time and understanding from you. Wow, everything really does change when you have a baby and why is my girlfriend/wife paying less attention to me? When you're a new mom, your little bundle of joy is all you think about and maybe all you talk about. He may be wondering where he fits into your life right now. This is normal and every new mom does it. This will take time and some understanding on his part. These are just a few things I experienced in my own relationship. You have to talk and ask questions - make sure your timing is right. Don't fight and argue and then attempt to hit on these sensitive subjects. Do it when it's just the two of you and the mood is open. Some men may have one or more of these feelings and not be able to come clean about them. Ego and all that. Have patience and keep trying. I wish you all the best!