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that is how humans have babies.

First the male gets aroused and his penis gets erect/hard, making it possible for him to insert his penis in the girl's vagina. Then after some in and out motions, he ejaculates semen (containing sperm) which impregnates the girl, who gets pregnant . . . sometimes.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-14 00:03:09
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Q: Why do men stick their penis inside girls vagina?
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How do you have sexx?

if you are a girl you have a guy stick his penis inside your vagina and if you are a guy then get a girl and stick your penis inside her vagina and then go at with each other ;)

Can a guy stick his penis in a girls vagina?


How sperms are produced from meiosis?

You stick your penis inside the vagina and made babies rapidly.

Where do you stick a penis inside a woman?

In the vagina. Which is the larger hole in the female reproductive system.

How do you stick your penis into a girl?

To insert your penis into a vagina the man must first get an erection. He then needs to loosen her vagina and get it to open. This can be done by fingering her. Once both steps have been completed you can stick your penis into her vagina.

Why does a guy put his penis in a girls vagina?

to make kids and to express love, and to lube it up before you stick it in her butt.

Why does my girlfriend's vagina hurt when I put my penis inside her?

The reason is maybe because your stretching her vagina out a lot and it might be hurting more a lot. Ask her about it. Or her vagina can't handle your penis. Or it might be both, so slowly stick it in and go slow until she is comfortable with the pain.

How does it feel when you stick your penis in a vagina?


What will happen if you stick your finger in your vagina if the penis is already in the vagina?

You'll feel better

What is between a male and female?

i love to sex. i stick my penis inside a womens' vagina every night. A women? I meant my wife. I just had sex.

Which hole do you stick a penis in vagina?

Its not the butt hole,and its not the hole in front of it. If you look a vagina there should be 3, The first one in the front is the vagina

What if a boy stares at you when you are swimming?

He wants to stick his penis in your vagina.

How do blue ribbon eels reproduce?

the stick their penis in their vagina

What does a guy mean when he says he wants to stick it in?

He wants to have sex. That's as in "stick it (his penis) in (your/a vagina)".

Where do kids come from?

Kids come from a man and a woman having sex. The man will stick his penis up the girls vagina which will release sperm to fertilize the woman egg.

How did sacagawea got pregnant?

Well see,there is a vagina and a penis. He stick the penis into the vagina,and theres some moaing going onn,and he shoot his load on her she put it on her finger and into her vagina andliked itt!(:

I can't feel what sex feels like my vagina is numb in side and can't feel his penis. What is wrong?

maybe because he is not fitting his penis into your vagina proberly!!! That has happened to me before!! Try to suck his penis then stick it in your vagina maybe that will help xx

How do you insert your penis into a girl?

once it gets hard, stick into her vagina.

How do you have seks?

You stick your erected penis into a girls vagina. If you cant spell "sex" right i am going to assume that i need to explain to you what erected means. It means that it is sticking up and is very stiff.

What technology does Youth Pastors use?

They use computers and cell phones when they think they need to have sex. Then they stick their penis in a girls vagina and do it till the morning comes up. Thank you for your time.

What is a vagina look like on the outside?

A vagina looks like a v. It is hairy and not smelly. Boys stick their penis in the middle.

How does one get pregnant?

Penis, Vagina, Sperm, Egg, Baby.

Is it hard to stick your penis in a vagina?

It depends on how tight she is and how big you are. The vagina can be very tight in the beginning, but if you keep content pressure on it and slowly push in, your penis will go in without much difficulty.

What does vulcanize the whoopie stick in the ham walet mean?

It means "to insert the penis (whoopee stick) into the vagina (ham wallet)".

Does a guy have to stick his penis into your vagina in order to get pregnant?

That is most common, but anything that causes sperm to enter the vagina can cause pregnancy.