Why do microvilli differ in appearance?


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They have different surface areas

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Microvilli are mainly concerned with absorption while cilia carry out the function of rhythmic movement.

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Microvilli is plural and Microvillus is singular.

Microvilli are also called Cilia

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microvilli are ONLY found in animals

The presence of microvilli typically indicates absorption and or secretion. Microvilli are cellular membrane protrusions that are microscopic in size.

microvilli are made of microfilaments and cilia is made of microtubules

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The structural significance of microvilli is that it increases the surface area of the plasma membrane. Microvilli are microscopic cellular membrane protrusions that increase the surface area of cells.

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The core of microvilli is attached to the plasma membrane. It also contain a bundle of about 40 filaments of actin.

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Microvilli cells are simple columnar epithelium. Stratified epithelia don't have cilia or microvilli because they are on the inner layers of epithelia. Think about it, cillia and microvilli are used to help the processes of absorption and secretion within the lumen. ex: upper respiratory tract.

Cells that line the small intestine are covered with microvilli for increased absorption.

Microvilli on a cell increase the overall surface area exposed on the cell which leads to better absorbsion of substances

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The core of the microvilli is attached to the plasma membrane. Each of them will contain about 40 actin filaments which will form homogeneous polarity.

epithelial tissue contains cilia and microvilli, ect... posted by KM, The King of Power

Inside microvilli you have actin, and inside cilia you have microtubules. Cilia are larger than microvilli, and cilia can be seen in the upper GI tract to beat away mucous which traps bacteria, virus, and other particles, microvilli is often seen in the intestines of the GI tract for nutrient absorption.Hope that helps!

On the surface of epithelial cells.

hey i really do not know the answer but can someone help me plz

There's some confusion here. The stomach lacks microvilli as it is NOT an organ of absorption. It's function is to churn your food into an isotonic mush ... so that your small intestines, which do have microvilli, can absorb nutrients.

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