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Due to plate tectonics.


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No. The Atlas Mountains are a West African mountain-range that runs through Algeria and Morocco. Saudi Arabia's mountain range that runs along the Red Sea coastline is the Hejazi Mountain Range.

The Red Slate Mountain is asub-rangeof the SierraNevadaMountains. It lies along the Sierra Crest that divides Fresno County from Mono County, California.

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If the Red Sea is considered in the strictest sense of the term (not including the Gulfs of Suez, Aqabah, or any waters on the other side of the Bab el-Mandeb) then Djibouti has the shortest coastline along the Red Sea. If the Red Sea is considered in the less strict sense and includes the Gulfs of Suez, Aqabah, and Aden (on the other side of the Bab el-Mandeb), then Israel has the shortest coastline on the Red Sea. It is followed closely by Jordan.

is the eastern member of the two great rivers that define Mesopotamia, along with theEuphrates, which flows from the mountains of southeastern Turkey through Iraq into the Red sea

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There are really three mountain/hill groups in the Middle East that have a strong effect.1) The Judean Hills, the Mount Lebanon Range, and the Anti-Lebanon Mountains form a long line of mountains that are somewhat inland from the Mediterranean coast. The windward sides of these mountains are along the Mediterranean, creating more fertile regions in northern Israel and Lebanon between the mountains and the Mediterranean. These ranges also create a rainshadow for southern Israel, much of Jordan and a large portion of Syria. This is why those areas are mostly deserts, save for river irrigation.2) The Elburz and Zagros Mountains create a large internal rainshadow in Iran, which is called the Dasht-i-Lut and is one of the most lifeless areas on Earth. However, along these mountain ranges are relatively fertile regions, including where Tehran, the capital of Iran, sits.3) Sarawat Mountains run along the southwestern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, extending along the Saudi and Yemeni coast of the Red Sea. These mountains create a very minimal windward side, which in Yemen hosts the majority of that country's agriculture and population. Far more extensive is the rainshadowed Arabian desert, which dominates most of the rest of the peninsula.

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