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The outer shell of electrons in noble gases is full.

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Elements like barium located toward the bottom of a group have a lower attraction for their valence electrons because they have a

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The quantum model suggests that electrons

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Q: Why do noble gases not readily react with other elements?
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Why are the elements in Family 18 called the inert gases or the Noble Gases?

Because these elements are all gases and they do not readily react with other elements.

How did noble gases get their name?

They do not readily react with other elements. One meaning of "noble" is chemically inert.

What are elements that don't really react readily with other elements?

Generally, those are the elements in Group 18, called the noble gases.

What are noble gases that do not react with other elements called?

All noble gases don't react with other elements. Noble or inert gases don't react with other elements because their outer electron shells are completely full. However, the heavier noble gases actually can be forced to react with very electronegative elements like oxygen and fluorine. However, they don't do so readily.

Are noble gases elements or a compounds?

Noble gases are elements that generally don't combine with other elements.

Elements that don't react readily with other elements?

noble gases because they all ready have eight valence electrons and do not need anymore

The noble gases include helium neon argon krypton xenon and radon. What property do these elements share?

They readily form compounds with other elements.

Do noble gases combine readily with other elements?

No, because they have a full outer shell and hence are quite unreactive. They do not react in general.

What distinguishes noble gases from other nonmetals?

Unlikely other elements in the periodic table, noble gases rarely form compounds with other elements.

Which family of elements does not react with other elements?

Noble Gases

What are elements that rarely combined with other elements are?

The noble gases.

Noble gases and why do they react with other elements?

That can't happen because noble gases don't react with other elements. ---------- Noble gases are very unreactive; but in special conditions they can react with some elements, for example fluorine. The chemistry of noble gases is known from about 50 years.

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