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It really doesn't matter concidering it's a double bladed sword. We don't like younger guys because they are immature, but then again older guys can be the same way I don't think age necessarily matters sometimes your damned if you do and damned if you don't. Suggestion is to date a guy the age that you would like to tell everyone you are for the rest of your life, for instance mine is 26 - I'm going to stay 26 forever, so date a guy who is 26 and when he gets under your skin go get another one

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โˆ™ 2005-10-04 15:50:02
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Q: Why do older women not like younger men?
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How do older women pick up younger men?

Older women make her attractive to impress the younger men.

What is it called when younger women like older men?

Younger women who like older men are simply called cheetah. Since when a younger girl goes after an older man they try and get with him just as fast as a cheetah would catch its prey in the wild.

Why do older women want to younger men?

Some older women want younger men because they make them feel younger. They may also find younger men physically attractive.

Why are older men called rhinos if they like younger women?

they are horny.;

What is it called when older men date younger women?

Older men that date younger women are called "sugar daddies"

Do women like younger men?

yes they do. Because they just don't like older men lets put it like that. I'm 26 and alot of older women then me like me.

Why older guys like young ladies?

Sometimes older men like young ladies because it makes them feel like they are still as attractive as they were when they were younger. Older women are sometimes attracted to younger men for the same reason.

Why do women perfer men several years younger then themselves?

Not all women prefer younger men. Some like the same age and others like older men. It all depends on each individual women and her preferences.

Do older women often marry younger men?

the women who marry younger men are sexy and luv sex

Is it okay for younger women to date older men?

absolutely!! young men are great fun for older women!!

website for younger men dating older women?

If a younger man is seeking older women, there are many dating sites out there. One of the most popular sites is, which is perfect for men seeking older women.

Why do women get call cougars?

Women that are called cougars are the women that are older in their 40s and up that are single and are horny for something younger then them.. I guess the cougars (older women) hunt their younger pray (younger men with a hot body) like animals and pounce on them lol.. for example Ashton and Demmi...

Why do younger women date older men?

Because they have money or the women have secret fantasies about their dad, and so older men help to fulfill this.

What is the name for older men dating younger women?

a pervert

Can older women marry younger men?

Whatever works for them

Why are older women jealous of younger women?

Older women are jealous when older men are attracted to younger women. Older men are attracted to younger women because they are biologically more desirable. Women lose their ability to bear children at age 40-50, but men never lose their ability to father children. Because sexual desire is linked to the instinct to procreate, men are attracted to women who appear fit and able to bear children, regardless of how old the man is.

Do women prefer older men?

Not every woman is the same. Some women prefer older men, some prefer younger men and some don't have a preference!

Do teen girls like older men?

Some like older men, others like men their age or younger it really depends.

Do girls like to be with younger men?

No we normally like older men but not by much.

Do older women like younger men?

Yes they do ..... As long as they curve up in the rite places and become adventurous.

Do younger men like older women?

Yes they do ..... As long as they curve up in the rite places and become adventurous.

What is it called when younger men date older women?

Cougar hunting

What is the best dating sites for older men and younger women?

Who do older men have affairs with?

young and pretty women that tend to give up lots of attention and appreciate them more^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The above answer is false. The reason older men are attracted to younger women is because a younger woman not only helps him feel younger but also boosts his ego. The younger woman is a trophy.This can also be said of older women pursuing younger men but it's not as common.

Who played the older female parts in shakespeare?

Prior to 1660 or so, when women started playing women's parts in England, the parts of all women were played by men: younger women by boys and older ones by older men.

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