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check the fuses - there is no fuse for the headlights.

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Q: Why do only the headlights work when you turn on the lights in a 1995 Pontiac Bonneville but neither the tail lights or dashboard lights are working?
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How do you disengage or reset the security system on a 92 Pontiac Bonneville when neither key works which causes the car not to start?

If its the kind with the special metal piece in the key there is no way to reset it you have to change the whole ignition switch

What will happen if harmonic balancer breaks on a 1990 Pontiac Bonneville?

The balancer is attached to a flywheel that drives the serpentine belt for the water pump, power steering, etc. If harmonic balancer doesn't work, belt won't run, and eventually, neither will the car.

How do you align the headlights in a 1999 Cadillac Catera?

Dealer. You have neither the tools nor the expertise to do this correctly.

You have questions about your 1997 Bonneville?

I need to find out where my radiator fan relay is located. I have found the ones in the fire wall but neither are marked.

Light on my dashboard saying check something and i don't have a manual to tell what it means?

Not being psychic neither do I

How do you install the pilot bushing on a 1984 Pontiac Fiero?

Don't bother, neither the manual or automatic use it

2004 Pontiac grand am The turn signals and the hazard flashers both work but when neither one is ingaged the hazard switch unit in dash clicks contiuously Is it the flasher?


Is the yellow wheel with lines on both sides on dashboard for traction control or ABS?

neither it is for the brake pad inticator control which alerts the driver that the pads are wearing thin, it is located on the drivers side front caliper, especially if it is a volkswagen

How to adjust Dodge Dakota headlights?

Take it to the dealer. You have neither the expertise nor the equipment to do this correctly. It depends on what year it is. If it is a 2nd Gen Dakota, there is a torx screw on the top of the headlamp which adjusts the up and down and one on the radiator side adjusts the side to side adjustment. Gregg

6.3 odd or even or neither?


If headlights on a 1981 Corvette will not go down is it a vacuum problem?

yes because it haveint been used in a long timeYes.Yes, most likely. There's a chance that it is something mechanical, but that's a slim chance and only if they have not been used in a LONG time.If you're not familiar with these problems, I suggest chasing the vacuum lines to listen for a hissing sound either underhood or under dashboard. Remember that the headlight switch actually is an electrical switch AND vacuum valve in-one. Additionally, there is a little black knob (backup vacuum valve) directly under the dashboard in the event that the headlight switch valve doesn't raise the lights. If neither one raises them then you have either a leak or stuck diaphragm. Good luck! -ku2002You can buy a vacuum troubleshooting guide from Zip Corvette to help you fix the issue.I fixed it. There are rubber devices called witches hats that go on the vacuum canisters next to the headlights. You can either change the witches hats (quite a job) or just have the vacuum canisters you can get at Ecklers.Or you can get them at Zip and save some money, here is a link to the headlight components is the diaphragm located on my 1981 Corvette?

I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix and the key in the ignition with not turn to the on position. Neither will it turn left or right i need help finding a solution?

hold the steering wheel and turn to left or right . while trying to turn the key.

Why do only the headlights work when you turn on the lights in a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am but neither the tail lights or dashboard lights are working?

The dashlights are connected to the taillight circuit with the same fuse so that when your tail lights go out, the dash lights will too and you will know so you won't ride around with no tail lights. Replace the fuse. I did not find this to be a solution for my problem - fuses were not the issue. Following is my solution: I had the lights on my dash and tail lights go out on my 1995 Grand Am 3.1 V6. After much investigation, it ended up being that the turn signal switch had gone bad. I got mine at Autozone - $79.99 for one with cruise, $69.99 for one without. SW860 for the non-cruise, SW859 for the cruise version. It is sometimes referred to as a multifunction switch - however, when I called and asked about that, it seemed as though the parts are NOT the same (MFS was much more expensive). Make sure you specify turn signal switch (that also controls the tail lights, headlights, etc). In order to replace it, you need to remove the cover around the steering column - we couldn't get the lower part of the cover off and subsequently also had to pull the steering wheel (which also meant disabling the air bag), then remove the bad turn signal switch (which also controls the headlights, parking lights, tail lights, etc), pop in a new one, put everything back together (re-enabling the airbag) and then you can enjoy a life of dash lights and tail lights once again.

Can you change a speedometer and leave the same tach on a 1998 Toyota Corolla VE?

a speedo works off speed of vehicle and comes from transmission. a tacho measures engine revs and reads from engine or computer. neither have anything to do with other unless both are built into same electronic dashboard

What should you do when the battery charge light on dashboard comes on in a 1995 Mazda 626 and the car gets really hot?

It seems that you have more than one problem, neither of which are simple or easy to correct. It is suggested that you have the problems analyzed by a QUALIFIED AUTO SHOP or MECHANIC. Or it could just be a broken belt.

Why would the headlight doors on a 1977 corvette just stop working headlights work just fine but neither one will pop up?

Your vacuum system has a leak. If both of your doors stopped working at the same time, I would check up stream from the actuators. Check out for diagrams and the parts.

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How do you restore power to the dashboard lights and tail lights on a 93 Geo Metro?

The ash board lighting and tail lamp lighting often share the same cicuit. The most common problem, when neither of them works, is a blown fuse. Don't rely on a visual inspection of the fuse. Remove it and test it for continuity.

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Why does the door bell stay on when door is shut?

Well, the door itself shouldn't cause it to do that.. typically, headlights have to be left on or the key needs to be left in the ignition. If neither of those factors are present, then there's a fault in those circuits somewhere causing the sensor to believe they are.

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