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This applies not only to opaque objects. The basic idea is that white light is a mixture of different colors, and objects tend to reflect the different colors - the components of white light - in different proportions. For example, an object that reflects most of the red light but not much of the other colors will look red.

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Q: Why do opaque objects appear to hve different colors?
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What process produces different colors we see in opaque objects?

what processes produce the different colors we see in opaque objects

Colors of opaque objects?

colors of opaque object

What processes produce the different colors you see in opaque objects?

absorption and reflection of different wavelengths of light

How do opaque objects get their colors?

Reflects, other wavelengths (colours) are absorbed

What colors of light are reflected by an opaque black objects?

White Light

What colors of light are reflected by an opaque white objects?

White light is all the colors of light. Which are magenta,yellow,and cyan being the main three colors that are reflected by an opaque white object

What objects are concider opaque?

Any object that doesn't appear allow light to pass through it is opaque. This includes you and a lead vest.

What type of material transmits some of the light that reaches itand objects behind the material appear blurred?


When a ray of white light hits an opaque surface with red orange yellow green and violet what colors will the surface appear?

The surface will appear white.

What processes produce the different colors we see opaque objects?

Different materials absorb different wavelengths of visible radiation from sources like the sun or light bulbs. The wavelengths that are not absorbed are reflected as visible radiation, and the color we see depends on the wavelength of that reflected light, with a longer wavelength correlating to more reddish colors, and shorter wavelengths with more bluish colors. White objects reflect all of the visible radiation that strike them, which is why they absorb less heat than black objects, which reflect much less visible radiation.

What happens to the different colors of light when white light shines on a opaque violet object?

it reflects violet and absorbs the other colors

Are all light reflectors opaque?

are all opaque objects reflectors